Top 10 of Samira Said’s best songs right here!

What are Samira Said's best songs and hits?

Samira Said, the Moroccan Diva that marked Morocco and the Arab world with her unique voice and style. One of the emblematic figures of the Arab music world. She is one of the most famous and best Moroccan singers that everyone is listening to today.

Samira Said is an outstanding artist! She is one of the rare Moroccan singers to have made a real name for herself in Egypt. She is a singer, former in the music industry, who started singing at a very young age (in the black and white era) and who learned to develop her styles and songs over the years. Samira Said is also unique because she always was able to adapt her songs to her time and each new musical generation. A real Moroccan music figure who shines like a star, and always will.

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Discover Samira Said top 10 biggest hits!

10. Samira Said – Kolena Ensan

In the 10th position: “Kolena Ensan”. A song released in 2006 that touched a lot of people. The title of the song which means: “We are all human” means, as the title may indicate, that we are all human, we are one, and that love unites us, no matter what our skin color or our “differences”.


9. Samira Said – Mahassalsh Haga

In the 9th position: “Mahassalsh Haga”. Since the release of her album “Al Ghani Baad” in 1985, Samira Said, a singer from Rabat, has racked up a series of hits, including this song from 2016 which has climbed to the top of the charts.


8. Samira Said – Hawa Hawa

In the 8th position: “Hawa Hawa”, another song that was a great success and was released in 2016. Without even a Music video, the song exceeded millions of views on youtube with only the song’s audio.


7. Samira Said – Allah Yesahillak

In the 7th position: “Allah Yesahillak”. In one of her most popular and successful album, there was this song, another big hit that was released in 2005.


6. Samira Said – Aalbal

In the 6th position: “Aalbal”.Considered as one of Samira Said’s best hits, this song met a phenomenal success in the late 90s and early 2000s in the Arab world. It is still one of Samira’s best-known songs in her career to this day.


5. Samira Said – Mosh Hatnazel Aanek

In the 5th position: “Mosh Hatnazel Aanek”. Released in 1986, this was one of her Samira’s first successes. A song that has helped her gain in popularity and whose voice touched many people.


4. Samira Said – Mazal

In the 4th position: “Mazal”. This is one of her latest successes, released in 2014. A song interpreted in Darija (the Moroccan dialect) that has been constantly played on the radio and won her the World Music Award for best single.


3. Samira Said – Leila Habibi

In the 3rd position: “Leila Habibi”. A song released in 2001 that marks the successful years of Samira Said.


2. Samira Said – Aal gani Baad Yomen

In the 2nd  position: “Aal gani Baad Yomen”. In 1985, Samira Saïd released the album “Aal gani Baad Yomen“, considered one of the greatest Arab hits of the eighties.

The song marks a radical turning point in the history of Arab music. With this style, Samira Saïd breaks with the classical style of the Umm Kalthoum and Mohammed Abdel Wahab generation (big musical Arabic icon). The arrangements are more modern and the influence of Western music is very strong.


1. Samira Said – Youm Wara Youm

In the 1st position: “Youm Wara Youm”, her number-one hit song. With more than 40 international awards, including a BBC Award and a World Music Award, not to mention several decorations awarded to her by major political figures, Samira Said’s name is inscribed in gold letters in the book of Arab music history.

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