What are Saad Lamjarred’s best songs? [2024]

Top 10 of Saad Lamjarred's best songs right here below!

Who hasn’t heard of the leader of Moroccan and Arab music in the world? It’s clear to say that Saad Lamjarred really stood out from day one, and has continued to grow in popularity ever since. He is considered to be one of the most famous and best Moroccan singers that everyone is listening to today.

You can discover a lot about Saad’s biography here, but in this article, we will focus on listing Saad’s biggest hits.

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Discover Saad Lamjarred top 10 biggest hits!

10. Saad Lamjarred – Let go

In the 10th position: “Let go”. A song that broke many records in Morocco and earned Saad an award at the Morocco Music Awards.

This song, as explained by its author, tells the story of a young man who decides to express himself through his words. He faced disappointment, lies, pain, and was abandoned by the woman he once loved.


9. Saad Lamjarred – Ana Machi Sahel

In the 9th position: “Ana Machi Sahel”. A song that exceeded 100 million views on youtube in a short amount of time!

In his music video released in 2016, we can see many guest-stars including Gad Elmaleh a very popular Moroccan comedian in Moroccan and in the entire world. His parents Bachir Abdou and Nezha Regragui a famous Moroccan actress, also appeared in the music video…


8. Saad Lamjarred – Asif Habibi

In the 8th position: “Asif Habibi”. A collaboration song between Saad Lamjarred and Fnaïre, a Moroccan music group that has been very popular since the early 2000s.

The song deals with the theme of marriage and in particular the reluctance of young people to get married despite their mother’s insistence.

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7. Saad Lamjarred – Casablanca

In the 7th position: “Casablanca”. The famous Moroccan singer made a singular choice for his song called “Casablanca” since he interpreted all the lyrics in French!

Another song that made millions of views in a very short time on youtube.


6. Saad Lamjarred Ghazali

In the 6th position: “Ghazali”. With a new look, mid-length straight hair, Saad looked extremely cheerful and lively in this music clip video released in 2018.

A really fun and cool song that was a success, and was sung in an Arabic that can be understood from Morocco to the Middle East.


5. Saad Lamjarred – Ghaltana

In the 5th position: “Ghaltana”. The Moroccan singer, who is enjoying imminent success throughout the Arab world, unveiled his song “Ghaltana”, which means “you’re wrong” in 2016, on his YouTube channel.

The clip, shot in the desert of Ouarzazate, is inspired by some American movies. we can see cars, big motorcycles and… beautiful ladies. In just 24 hours, the music video had already over a million of views.


4. Saad Lamjarred – Enty

In the 4th position: “Enty”. Almost, if not all Moroccans know this song. It is, therefore, one of the most known songs in Morocco.

In 2015, in Lebanon, Saad Lamjarred even won the Golden Murex in the “Best Arab Song” category with this worldwide hit “Enty”.


3. Saad Lamjarred – Ensay

In the 3rd position: “Ensay”. A collaboration song between Saad Lamjarred and Mohamed Ramadan, a big Egyptian star.

In record time, “Ensay” reached 170 million views on YouTube! The song “Ensay”, filmed in a palace in France, is a real success for the two Arab singers.


2. Saad Lamjarred – Salina Salina

In the 2nd position: “Salina Salina” is definitely one of the biggest successes of Saad Lamjarred. It is one of the most listened to songs in 2012.


1. Saad Lamjarred – Lm3allem

In the 1st position: “Lm3allem”. According to an official YouTube ranking, “Lm3allem”, which means “you’re the boss”, is well ahead of all the music clips seen throughout the Arab world!

Which makes this song not only the number one song of this top 10 but also of the whole Arab world.

This song definitely made the Moroccan singer an international phenomenon among the Arab music world and is today the leader of Moroccan and Arab music.


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