Fnaïre: The Moroccan music trio phenomenon from Marrakech

FNAÏRE, which means lanterns, keeps illuminating the path of Moroccan youth. It is a music group from Marrakech with remarkable talent. Composed of three members: Mohcine Tizaf (singer-songwriter), Khalifa Mennani (composer, singer), and Achraf Aarab (commercial director of the group). They are considered to be among the most popular singers in Morocco.

These three geniuses singers have created and registered their own style. “The traditional Moroccan hip hop, pop, RnB and rap music”. After the death of one of their members due to a car accident in their early debut, they didn’t let it stop them from pursuing their dreams leading to fame and success. All the young people who love Moroccan music, could not resist the temptation to discover the group Fnaïre, quite modern and which suits their demands: The problems of young people: Unemployment, prostitution, poverty, suicide… and other problems, each more difficult than the last.

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FNAÏRE – Starting point and years of work…

The talented group got formed in 2001 and appeared on stage for the first time during a concert for the benefit of the Association for the Fight against AIDS on Jemaâ El Fnaa square. Composed of four members at the time but only until 2008, since the fourth member of the group, Hicham Belkas (25 years old), died in a car accident in Fez that year.

However, since their formation, the group has never ceased to show its creativity to offer the best to its audience. From the skillfully mixed Moroccan chaâbi to a mix of contemporary RnB, rap and pop where the lyrics, realistic and yet full of humor, clearly show their state of mind is their Moroccan identity.

Fnaïre combines traditional Moroccan melodies by sometimes composing the ”Dakka Marrakchia”, an ancestral musical tradition of the Ochre city, Marrakech, a harmony that evokes a musical fun movement. The trio has several successful albums, including “Lafthouh” which includes tracks combining traditional songs and western rap, such as “Bahjawy” and the album “Yad El Henna” which was a big success especially with the song ”Lalla Mennana” and allowed them to acquire a large audience. A perfect alliance of which only they alone hold the secret, a magnificent and bewitching flow to which all the young Moroccans have already succumbed, with the success of their video clip “mat9ich bladi”.

The group Fnaïre keeps its artistic identity since Mohcine owns its own production company: “TIZAF”, audiovisual production distribution (TIZAF a.v.p.d) which produced their first album “Lafthouh” in 2004.


FNAÏRE – A well-founded phenomenon …

Fnaïre attracts crowds not only in Morocco but also in the United States. The extraordinary popularity of the band from the South of the country with Moroccan audiences here and abroad has propelled the trio’s three albums to the top of the Moroccan charts. Too often compared to the mythical group “Nass El Ghiwane”, the group has built its image, chart its own course and conquer its own audience. Chronicle of a success announced since their very beginning, and every passage leaves an original imprint.


The following successes that continue to grow in popularity

In 2004, Fnaïre offered the country a patriotic and committed song entitled ”Matkich Bladi”. Four years later, the trio launches the song ”Attarikh” for the celebration of the 12 centuries of life in the Kingdom. In 2009, the group unveils its first featuring Cheb Bilal, entitled ”Golih ! Goleh !” which defends the lasting brotherhood between the Moroccan and Algerian people. The next year, Fnaïre launched a new single ”Be winner”, recorded in Egypt, performed with the talented Samira Said.

In 2012, the trio returns to the forefront with a new album “Al Basma”. The album includes 15 tracks with many duets and collaborations with nationally and internationally renowned artists.

After the fabulous success of the hit ”Chayeb” which has recorded millions of views to date, Fnaïre launched a new clip entitled ”Al Amir Nadif” in the form of a tale, shot in Ifrane, which has the theme “to raise awareness among young people to protect their environment”. Performed at the launch ceremony of the COP22 summit, presided over by King Mohammed VI.

In 2017, the talented trio released a song called ”Ngoul Mali” which was a great success that they were able to perform a week later during an NBA game.

They also released the Arabic version of the hit “Dilbar” two years later with the Canadian-Moroccan actress Nora Fathi, which quickly became one of the most widely broadcasted songs on the Moroccan radios. But that’s not all… The video shot in the Indian city of Mumbai is also ranked as the top YouTube trend not only in Morocco, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. A great success and a record for an Arabic song!

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