Best Moroccan singers, best Moroccan rappers, best Moroccan music, everything about the Moroccan music to dive in the Moroccan world of music and art.

  • Elgrande toto taha fahssi one of the best moroccan rappers today

    Discover all ElGrande Toto’s best songs here!

    ElGrande Toto or Toto, whose real name is Taha Fahssi, was born on August 3, 1996, in Casablanca, Morocco. He is a famous Moroccan rapper whose successes are on the rise. Toto recognizes a huge…

  • samira said clip mazal best hits of samira said

    Top 10 of Samira Said’s best songs right here!

    Samira Said, the Moroccan Diva that marked Morocco and the Arab world with her unique voice and style. One of the emblematic figures of the Arab music world. She is one of the most famous…

  • Saad lamjarred best Moroccan and Arab singer in the world

    What are Saad Lamjarred’s best songs?

    Who hasn’t heard of the leader of Moroccan and Arab music in the world? It’s clear to say that Saad Lamjarred really stood out from day one, and has continued to grow in popularity ever…

  • Adnane Matrone and the art of the Moroccan orchestra

    Adnane Matrone and the art of the Moroccan orchestra!

    Adnane Matrone is a Moroccan orchestral conductor, an author-composer, a singer-songwriter, a guitarist, a choir director, a coach, and a Music therapist. Founder of the association “Maroc En Chœur” and President of the SAWT International…

  • Douzi, this prodigious singer of Raï music

    Douzi: Who is this prodigious Moroccan singer of Raï music?

    Not only he is now one of the most famous Moroccan singers that everyone is listening to today but he is also a singer with his own style and is modernizing the music of the Maghreb.…

  • Manal BK, a young famous Moroccan urban pop singer and a songwriter.

    Manal BK: The new musical generation

    Not only she is a young famous Moroccan urban pop singer and a songwriter that a lot of people are listening to today. But she is also one of the only young female Moroccan singers…

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