How to make henna tattoos last longer with these 8 steps!

Moroccan henna or henna tattoos are a popular form of temporary body art made from the crushed leaves of a henna plant. Going back to ancient Egypt, henna tattoos are traditionally used to celebrate happy occasions, especially in Morocco, such as weddings. They are also other traditions After being applied to the skin, the henna patterns darken to a rust-colored burgundy shade over a period of 24 to 48 hours. Typically, these tattoos fade with the natural exfoliation of your skin after about two weeks, but you can make your henna tattoo last longer with a few extra steps.

How to make henna last longer in 8 steps!

#Step 1

Leave the henna paste on for four to six hours after application before peeling the skin. The more you leave on the paste, the darker the tattoo will be. And the darker the tattoo, the longer it will last. To ensure a darker stain, expose your henna tattoo to steam while the paste is still on, which will keep the henna moist, prevent cracking and release more colorant. When it is time to remove the paste, gently remove it with a butter knife or by running it underwater.

#Step 2

Keep your henna tattoo dry for 12 hours after removing the paste. Humidity during this period will disrupt the darkening process and, in fact, shorten the life of your tattoo.

#Step 3

Avoid exposing your henna tattoo to sunlight in the first 48 hours, and keep it covered to allow the tattoo to develop fully.

#Step 4

Moisturize the tattooed area with baby oil or massage oil every day. Moisturizing keeps the upper layers of the skin healthy, extending the life of your tattoo.

#Step 5

Dab the lemon juice on your tattoo. Lemon juice seals henna, protecting it from exfoliation, shaving and other potentially damaging elements.

#Step 6

Treat the tattooed area carefully during the shower or bath; do not rub it. Instead, lightly rub the area with mild soap and dry it with a towel.

#Step 7

Step away from the pool. Chlorine in swimming pools can cause discoloration of body art. If you have to swim, cover your henna tattoo with a seal spray bandage.

#Step 8

Stay away from saunas and steam rooms, which accelerate the skin’s regeneration process which in turn, contributes to the natural exfoliation of your tattoo.


In conclusion

With these 8 steps mentioned above, you know now how to make henna last longer which can be really advantageous. You know now what you should avoid and apply to make your henna tattoos last longer. If you would like to read more articles about Henna simply click here

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