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What is the national flower of Morocco?

Morocco is known for many things, but what about its flowers? Does it have a national flower? If yes, what is the national flower of Morocco? Let’s learn more about it in this informative article.


National flower of Morocco

Morocco is very well known for the roses of its Kelaa Mgouna’s region. Mainly cultivated in the south of Morocco near Damascus and in the mythical Valley of Roses, 3,500 to 5,000 tons are harvested by hand each year.

The cultivation of the rose, a typical flower of this region of Morocco, represents a real economic and remunerative activity for the inhabitants of this region whose know-how is unique. Indeed, the harvests which take place from April to June are particularly delicate because of the thorns and are mainly carried out by the women of the region.

40% of the seasonal harvest is then sent to the distilleries of the region to extract the essences and transform them into essential oils also called “attar of rose” which will be marketed to perfumers. The residues of production will be used for the manufacture of rose water and for cosmetic products derived such as creams, soaps, or even lotions.


Kelaa Mgouna rose festival

The Valley of the Roses is particularly animated at the end of the harvest when many tourists, mainly Moroccans, go there to celebrate the Moussem of the roses, a typically Moroccan event. This festival, which is usually held at the end of May, is famous throughout the country where visitors are sprayed with rose water as a welcome. An infinite number of rose petals are strewn in the streets of the villages and a young girl is elected queen for a day. One can admire many traditional dances in all the Berber villages of the Valley of roses like the dance of the bee.


Some benefits of the Moroccan rose

When it comes to beauty the Moroccan rose has many benefits. The Moroccan Rose, with its flowery and warm scent, has the power to infuse the skin with all its life essence. Its marvelous virtues have a regenerating power on the cutaneous level, comforting on the emotional level, and soothing on the energetic level. Here are different ways to benefit from the properties of the rose:

  • Rose water: Made from freshly picked rose petals, floral water with its fresh and delicate rose scent is a true source of well-being. Recognized for its soothing and invigorating properties, it is suitable for all skin types. Rose water brings a feeling of comfort while helping the skin to purify, soften and naturally moisturize. 
  • Rose oil: The essential oil extracted from the petals of roses is known since antiquity for its revitalizing power. Its flowery and very refined perfume makes the spirit travel to the heart of the Valley of the Roses. The age-old effectiveness and rarity of this essential oil make it the most expensive essential oil in the world! As a component of the Renaissance Serum, it gives it all its benefits.
  • Rosebuds: When Moroccan roses are harvested, rosebuds are carefully sorted and then dried in the sun to preserve all of their benefits. Once dried, the rosebuds can be used in different ways. One way would be to boil them to obtain an infusion which is quite easy. You could drink natural rose water


In conclusion

Morocco is known to have a very diversified nature with lots of beautiful types of flowers. The national flower of Morocco is the rose which has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to the skin. You should also know that there is a Kelaa Mgouna rose festival usually held at the end of May.

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