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Can you see Spain from Morocco?

The proximity that separates the European country that is Spain and the north African country that is Morocco is not very big. That is why there is a lot of people who are interested to know if people can see Spain from Morocco? The answer to this very asked question is in this article.


Distance between Spain and Morocco

The border between Spain and Morocco is one of the shortest international borders in the world. The distance that separates Morocco from Spain is very short as you can see in the picture below. The total distance between Spain and Morocco is around 15 kilometers.

If you are in Morocco you can see Spain and vice versa. You should know that Tangier is considered the closest Moroccan city to Europe, you can clearly see its hills during the day if the sky is clear. At night you can as well see the city lights.

These two neighboring countries are as said very close that is why from Morocco you can see a glimpse of Europe only by standing on a top hill.

So in conclusion, yes can you see Spain from Morocco since these two neighboring countries are really close to each other.


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