“Most African-Americans are of Moroccan ancestry.”

Did you know that the United States was Morocco’s neighbor, and most importantly, was Moroccan? The Moorish Science Temple of America, a religious organization founded in 1913, has about 3,000 members and 75 structures, mainly in the United States, that support this. The Moorish Temple is based on a particular version of history, according to which America was a property of the Empire of Morocco, long before its discovery by Christopher Columbus. Islam flourished here and minarets overlooked the towns and villages. In the 15th century, the Europeans, eager to extend their hegemony, concluded a fifty-year lease agreement with Morocco to exploit the American lands. But once the contract was concluded, they betrayed Morocco, invaded the territory, and Christianized the population.

Today, all Moroccans know that Morocco was the first country to recognize the independence of the U.S. Moreover, President Obama reaffirmed it, but what most Moroccans and even the rest of the world don’t know, is that Most African-Americans are of Moroccan descent.

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The Moors

An American association based in Portland often organizes meetings in a building, above which Moroccan and American flags fly and mix harmoniously. Why the Moroccan flag? Well, as crazy as it may sound, the members of this “scientific” association loudly and clearly state that African Americans are mostly from Morocco, and are therefore Moroccan.

It is the “Moorish Science Temple of America,” located in Portland, and founded in 1913 by a 27-year-old man named Drew Ali.

This institution believes that most of the blacks deported to America during the slave trade were of Moroccan origin, who were once commonly referred to as “Moors”.


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