When China was 5 times poorer than Morocco…

In 1980, Morocco was five times richer than China: 1075 dollars of annual income per capita, compared to 195 for China! Globalization has changed the planet and lifted 2 billion human beings out of poverty.

China’s share of global research spending has exploded: 2% in 1995, 23% today, more than Europe as a whole, and it is fast approaching the United States. East Asian countries are becoming scientific giants, while in Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, and Portugal), just over 1% of national wealth – GDP – is invested in research. The rate is 2.2% in France compared to 5% in South Korea.

The rise of Asian countries in the Pisa ranking of school systems has become a taboo for the French political class. In science, Singapore is number 1 in the world, and South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam ridicule the French children. Thus, millions of engineers and researchers with very high potential are trained in Asia, which is becoming the leader of cognitive capitalism.

That being said, Morocco has also developed over the years. It has evolved in so many ways, becoming number one in many areas and infrastructures around the world. Getting him proclaimed as the number one country in Africa


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