King Mohammed VI infected by the Coronavirus?

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, has been announced as being infected with the Coronavirus disease which has crossed the threshold of 800 cases in the Moroccan kingdom (at the moment of writing this article). But is it true or not?

According to the Moroccan newspaper Bladi, it is the American television channel Fox News, based in New York, which made a shocking announcement that is causing debate in the Moroccan kingdom: “King Mohammed VI of Morocco has Covid-19”! Indeed, the question arises as to whether it is true that the sovereign is affected by the viral disease or not.

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Actually, it’s not really the case. This is what the Moroccan newspaper Bladi explained, stating that this announcement is nothing more than the result of a confusion made by the American media. It is “the Prince of Monaco, who tested positive for the Covid-19”, and not “the King of Morocco”.

“Fox News TV channel’s commentators, confused “The Prince of Monaco” with “King of Morocco” and vice versa, to finally put King Mohammed VI of Morocco on the list of personalities in the world affected by the Coronavirus. This is how the confusion was made.

Now, it happens to be the Prince of Monaco Albert II, who tested positive for the Covid-19″. And according to another source, the Fox News video in question was deleted by the Youtube channel following a very strong controversy. Luckily, the king of Morocco, who loves his people more than the economy, is NOT infected by the Coronavirus.

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