Morocco as the safest destination in North Africa?

A recently published study confirms that Morocco is the only country in the North African region with a low level of risk for tourists. Here are the details of this report.

Morocco is a safe tourist destination. This is what we retain from the study recently published by the Sino News Daily platform. Entitled “Tourism and Hotel Market in Morocco in 2019”, this study, published on December 15, 2019, indicates among other things that Morocco, in terms of travel and traveler safety, is as safe as most European countries, as well as the United States or Canada.

That the kingdom presents a low level of risk and that it is the only country in the North African region to have such a level of risk. This is a good sign for the national tourism sector. The newspaper also points out that in 2018, the kingdom received 12.3 million tourists, an increase of 8% compared to 2017. It should also be noted that during the period 2000-2018, Morocco recorded an average annual growth of 6% in tourist arrivals, which is two points higher than the growth of world tourism. The daily underlines that this performance is essentially due to the massive arrivals of Chinese tourists in Morocco, especially in the three years following the relaxation of visa procedures. It should be noted that Chinese arrivals are constantly increasing, rising from 10,000 in 2015 to 180,000 in 2018. And, according to the study, the prospects for the Moroccan tourism sector are promising.

However, the Sino News Daily platform points out some shortcomings to be corrected so as not to slow down the good performances recorded. Among these shortcomings, one notes the low level of development of sites in terms of accommodation, in particular, limited air links with the north of the country, a deficit of promotion and communication which is still poorly developed at the level of certain destinations. For the authors of the report, these various factors make it difficult for the sector to reach its true potential. They, therefore, call for an increase in private and public initiatives.

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