Is Tangier a safe city?

Tangier Guide: Safety and Accessibility

Potential risks and advice

As in all big cities, a certain vigilance is required, like in Tangier, but there is no need to fall into paranoia that would spoil your holiday. There is no more risk than elsewhere and it is important to say that Tangier is one of the safest cities in Morocco. Also, there are no particular problems for women traveling alone. Of course, we recommend that you remain vigilant. Beware of pickpockets, who can be very active, but if you don’t tempt them, there is no reason to experience any problems.

The medina of Tangier

Although the medina of Tangier may seem dark and deserted in some places, especially in the popular districts, it is nevertheless very closely guarded. You will always find someone to help you, the idea is also to let yourself be guided through the alleys and abandon yourself to them, that’s where the good surprises come! In the evening, however, although very few incidents are reported, avoid walking alone in the medina or the Kasbah.

Roads and streets

Tangiers are known for their bad driving! Be careful every time you cross the street and beware of all cars! Drivers are very impulsive and seem to not all know indicator. Likewise, on the highways, remain very vigilant.


In Tangier, the only thing you risk is having your bag, mobile phone, etc. stolen. Even if this is much less common today than it was a few years ago, keep your belongings within sight or on you, especially in popular areas, markets, etc. And as said before, if you don’t tempt pickpockets, there is no reason to experience any setbacks.


Single woman on a trip

A woman can travel alone in Morocco, but she will be constantly observed. Places where there are only men, such as traditional cafes, are to be banned if you want to feel ”comfortable”. Keep in mind that no Moroccan woman lives alone, so you are a curious little thing. In terms of safety, avoid walking alone after sunset (especially in the medina) and don’t venture into deserted places, even during the day. A good way to know if the place where you are is really safe is to observe who is walking there: are there children and women? Then you are safe! ?


Traveling with children

There is no particular danger for the children, except the heat, and their stomachs can become fragile in the face of all this new delicious Moroccan food. ?


Disabled traveler

For disabled people, getting around will not be really that easy, as the landscape in Tangier has many differences in height and relief. Almost all the avenues are sloping and many neighborhoods are on hills. Most of the hotels are not equipped to receive people with reduced mobility.

However, If you have a physical or mental disability or if you are going on holiday with a person in this situation, various organizations and associations will be able to help you.


Gay or lesbian traveler

Homosexuality is frowned upon in Morocco. In addition, homosexual practices are condemned by the law. Article 489 of the Penal Code condemns “any indecent or unnatural act” with a person of the same sex. Prison sentences can range from six months to one year and fines can amount to 1,200 DH. In practice, however, male homosexuality is no less common than elsewhere, even if it is neither admitted nor shown.

Homosexual practices are forbidden by law. Moreover, don’t be mistaken, if you see Moroccan men holding hands in the streets. In Morocco, this is a normal sign of affection between friends in platonic relationships.

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