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Can you kiss in Morocco?

Is it illegal to kiss in morocco?

Can you kiss in Morocco? – This is a question that intrigues and is asked by many foreigners. Morocco is a Muslim country with a culture that differs greatly from that of Western countries. What you may and cannot do in public in Morocco is controlled by some “cultural restrictions”. Read this article ’till the end to know someone can kiss in public in Morocco.


Can you kiss in Morocco?

Morocco is a Muslim country where kissing in public is not considered appropriate and with respect for others, should be avoided. If you are a tourist couple, a quick kiss may pass (not during Ramadan) depending on where you are but you shouldn’t even consider a long and passionate kiss. So making out in public in Morocco is therefore out of the question.

In Morocco, locals do not kiss in public. Never. It’s against the law, especially before marriage (it is forbidden publicly or not).

Kissing in public is “an act of aggression against Moroccan Muslim society and people” a behavior otherwise deemed “indecent” by the authorities of the country. The penal code also defines a series of prohibitions and sanctions in this matter. (even if it is not often applied).

So as advice, for your own good, when you’re outside, try not to kiss your partner in public. This way, you can avoid unpleasant reactions and, therefore, unfortunate situations, that might ruin your holiday. You just have to imagine that outside it’s a family community and that in Morocco nothing can be hidden in public. Everyone can see what you are doing, even if you believe that there is no one there, there’s a pretty good chance that there is always someone.


Proper public displays of affection in Morocco

Mostly, however, especially for a foreign couple visiting Morocco, these public displays of affection listed below are considered normal and okay:

  • Brief hug
  • Holding hands
  • A quick kiss on the cheeks
  • walking arm and arm, or hands in hands

What is not considered acceptable and rude in Morocco as a public display of affection :

  • Kissing and very long passionate kissing
  • Sexual touch or contact in a public place
  • Lying on top of your partner

Also, for your information, Moroccan couples that are not yet married, cannot stay in a hotel room in Morocco as Police check every evening the hotel records and carry out regular checks. The law applies in all its strictness.

But if unmarried foreigners, couples, would like to share a room for a stay, then they do not need to worry.  Especially, if they go to more rated hotels and a place where there are more tourists. They won’t have any problems as long as they act properly, do not make out in public, and do what we already mentioned above.


Frequent questions concerning kissing in Morocco:

Can you kiss and hug in Morocco?

Showing a lot of affection in public is unusual and is considered frowned upon. In Morocco, holding hands is acceptable. In most instances, a hug here and there and a quick kiss will be okay depending on where you are. Making out in public, on the other hand, is absolutely not acceptable. You could have serious problems. Keep your feelings discreet until you’re sure you and your partner are alone then do what you want.

What is a Moroccan kiss?

A Moroccan kiss is a kind gesture shared between family and friends. People in Morocco frequently greet one another by kissing both cheeks.

When Moroccan women (and even males do it, too sometimes) greet each other, the greeting typically involves a 3-part kiss. The Moroccan woman will brush her cheek against that of the other woman’s and will make a kissing sound. They don’t typically kiss directly on the cheek. The same is repeated to the other cheek.  This is what some people call a Moroccan kiss.


In conclusion:

Think of Morocco as a respectful family. Very intimate feelings should not be shown in Public. So, can you kiss in Morocco? Yes, but our advice is to better keep it in private, not in public, and definitely, not during Ramadan.

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