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Tips and tricks and all the information you may need about Morocco, right here, to learn more about Moroccan society and the Do’s and Don’ts that you need to know about Morocco.

  • Where is Morocco?

    Africa The North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea both border Morocco, which is situated in the northwest of Africa. The land boundaries to the south and east are Algeria and Western Sahara. The size…

  • 3 Moroccan men speakin the national language of morocco

    What is the national language of Morocco?

    Different languages are spoken in Morocco. The history of Morocco resulted in daily multilingualism and a pronounced interest in foreign languages. The mother language of Moroccans, the official language of the country is Arabic as…

  • A moroccan man looking at the camera and asking himself what is morocco known for

    Top 30 things Morocco is known for & famous for [2023]

    What is morocco known for? This is a question asked by so many people. Let’s start by saying that Morocco is known for its diversity in many ways, which makes it an attractive destination for…

  • 3 Moroccan woman wearing traditional moroccan clothing

    Polygamy in Morocco: Do Moroccan men have more than one wife?

    Nowadays, polygamy is still a practice in some countries. Many countries tolerate polygamy without openly encouraging it. But, is polygamy allowed in Morocco? Can Moroccan men have more than one wife? If so, how many…

  • What will a professional guide charge per day in Morocco?

    Morocco. What a wonderful place to travel to, and to dive into a world of spices, kindness, and different sceneries. Morocco is definitely one of the go-to places when it comes to traveling, but a…

  • A Western woman wandering through a Moroccan souk in search of what to wear in Morocco.

    What to wear in Morocco (as a woman): Know the dress code [2023]

    “What should I wear?” – Many people with their knowledge of what they have seen in the cinema or on television, in general, like women fully dressed in burkas and other headscarves on their hair,…

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