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When is the best time to visit Morocco?

Weather information of the Moroccan seasons. When should someone go to Morocco?

WEATHER – You want to travel to Morocco, but you have some hesitations about the date of your trip? Is it better to go to Morocco in the summer, in the off-season or during the winter months? Although being an African country, the weather differs greatly according to the seasons and Moroccan geography. Read this article until the end to find out when you should go to Morocco so you don’t have to go in wet weather or when it’s very hot.


Spring and autumn: two of the best seasons to visit Morocco

Clement temperatures in the mid-season

Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons to travel through Moroccan territory. This prevents you from being exposed to the oppressive summer heat and sometimes heavy precipitation at the beginning of the winter. Morocco benefits from a Mediterranean climate in the north and an oceanic climate on the Atlantic coast.

On the land, however, the weather is more continental. North of the Sahara, the country is crossed, in its center, by the Atlas mountain range. By gaining altitude, you may quickly get cold. Winter is freezing in this region.

Summer, on the other hand, remains dry, especially when the sirocco, that little warm wind from the south of the country, blows.

Finally, in the Saharan part, the heat can be unbearable during the months of July and August. Fortunately, spring and fall temperatures are perfect for discovering the sand dunes.

Varied tourist activities possible in the pleasant mid-season climate

In the shoulder seasons, you can get lost in the narrow streets of Marrakech or Casablanca, without being affected and bothered by the heat. The weather is also perfect for rafting or kayaking in the white waters of the Atlas Mountains. If you prefer to surf in the Atlantic Ocean, go to Essaouira: this city also has mild temperatures in spring and autumn.

Good to know: the period from October to May is a privileged time to take a camel ride in the Sahara. You can even meet Berbers or sleep in the desert. Of course, the sun is already very much present, but it is still quite bearable. On the other hand, if you like sliding, you can even learn to sandboard in Erg Chebbi in good weather conditions.

Finally, know that going to Morocco in mid-season allows you to avoid the tourist crowds of summer. In addition, you benefit from preferential hotel rates.


Moroccan charms during summer and winter

A sun-drenched summer vacation

Can’t you take your holidays off-season? Don’t worry: Morocco is also pleasant in summer! You can keep busy, without being bothered by the heatwave.

On the Mediterranean coast, the beaches are ideal for relaxing and swimming, especially some wild Moroccan beaches not all well known. The Atlantic Ocean, which borders the west of the country, is often foggy in the morning, and cooler than the Mediterranean Sea. However, sunny days allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of the coastline and devote yourself, for example, to water sports, like surf.

However, know this: temperatures rise in July and August. Can you stand the heat? Then, you can visit Marrakech, even if the weather is really dry and hot in the summer. If you stay in the ochre city, remember to book a hotel with a swimming pool so that you can cool off.

Do you want to stay cool? Go to the mountains! You will find hiking trails with incredible landscapes: you can climb magnificent passes, climb Toubkal and see Ifni Lake or even meet shepherds in the high pastures. The change of scenery is total and you will definitely not be disappointed!

On the other hand, trekking in the Sahara is difficult at this time of year: temperatures can reach 50° C in the shade!

Some Moroccan winters in the snow

Skiing in Morocco: what could be more exotic? The Atlas Mountains hide ski resorts, where you can experience the joys of skiing in winter. Michlifen, for example, is located in the Middle Atlas, near Fez and Meknes.

As for the station of Oukaïmeden, it is perched at an altitude of more than 2,700 m, about an hour’s drive from Marrakech. This mountainous commune is also very popular with the Moroccan jet set. And for good reason! It is of striking beauty and snowy all winter long under a magnificent sun.


In conclusion

As you will have understood, Morocco can be visited at any time of the year. However, choose the midseason if you can. All the climatic conditions are in fact combined in spring and autumn to make your trip as successful and unforgettable as possible. For more information click here.

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