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Why you should definitely avoid talking against these 3 topics in Morocco?

Sometimes people need to know a little bit about the culture of the country they are going to visit, before allowing themselves to say all the things that might cross their mind, without thinking about the consequences this could have.

Not only can it be bad for the people of the country but it could also be bad for themselves and their well-being. Every country is different and because of that, you should know beforehand which subject is better left alone during your upcoming trip.

In this article, you will learn three things that you should NEVER talk against in Morocco if you want a peaceful trip.


The king

Tourists or not, no one can insult the king of Morocco nor his family, in public, without some consequences. This is set in the law and many Moroccans already insulted the king publicly and ended up in prison. Also, for a foreigner, insulting the king is like insulting the people, and the country that defines them, so if someone does it, they are most likely to get really bad feedback from the people and the justice of Morocco.


The religion

Again, tourists or not, you can’t go to a Muslim country like Morocco and start insulting their religion to promote their own religion over Islam because of your belief.

Insulting the Moroccan’s religion is like insulting the person you are talking to. Also, don’t forget that it’s even more propitious since the person insulting is a foreigner coming to HIS country.


The country

The Moroccan flag

Like in every country you will find some people insulting their homeland which is also the case in Morocco. But as a tourist, you should not insult the country or you might find yourself in a very unpleasant situation. In fact, did you know that according to a study, Moroccans are ranked first in the world, among people ready to sacrifice for their country?

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