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Traveling to Morocco for Christmas?

Morocco is a majority Muslim country and Christmas is not a Muslim holiday so Morocco at Christmas is not a holiday. However, there is a large (and growing) foreign population in Morocco and yes, there are Moroccan Christians so Christmas DOES exist.


How do they celebrate Christmas in Morocco?

As Morocco is primarily a Muslim country, the majority of its residents do not celebrate Christmas. Still, bits and pieces of the holiday can be found, thanks to French influence and a good-sized expat community.


Why don’t they celebrate Christmas in Morocco?

A number of Muslim scholars decree that we Muslims must not go astray by imitating Christians with regard to their celebrations. Hence, many Moroccans do not celebrate it, particularly because of the secular nature of the celebration and its allusion to the Nativity of Jesus.


What do Moroccans celebrate instead of Christmas?

Moroccans celebrate New Year’s Eve with the same joy and hope seen in most countries around the world. Just as people do in America, Moroccans have different ways of celebrating. Some like to party all night in nightclubs and bars, while others prefer to host private parties in their homes for families and friends.


How do Moroccans celebrate New Years?

Most of the Moroccan young people like to spend the New Year’s Eve in interesting modes, so that they prefer to attend one of the huge festivals in Rabat, Meknes, Marrakesh, or Casablanca where music concerts are held gathering the most national and international music and song figures.


What is Morocco like in December?

Morocco’s winter is mild and somewhat rainy, but December also brings many sunny days ideal for hiking and exploring the cities. … In the north, expect rain, too, and moderate temperatures in the twenties in cities like Tangier. Marrakech is warmer, with temperatures reaching almost 35 on sunny days.


Is Morocco hot at Christmas?

What’s the weather like in Morocco in December? Morocco’s location in North Africa means most of the country’s warm and sunny in December, making it ideal for winter sun. Morocco never gets too cold because of the Sahara Desert in the south, although there’s different weather around Morocco.


Is Marrakech good at Christmas?

The Moroccan city boasts blissful weather and some of the world’s most magical holiday decorations. Although Marrakech may not be the first place that jumps to mind as a destination for the holidays, the enchanting Moroccan city dazzles more than ever at the end of the year.


What is the most important holiday in Morocco?

Eid ul Fitr
Eid ul Fitr is one of the most important religious events in the country which Moroccans celebrate with festivities like meeting family members, cooking delicacies and enjoying shopping and eateries in the Medina.

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