Rose water

  • the national flower of morocco which is roses

    What is the national flower of Morocco?

    Morocco is known for many things, but what about its flowers? Does it have a national flower? If yes, what is the national flower of Morocco? Let’s learn more about it in this informative article.…

  • one rose in a glass of water surrounded by other roses

    Can you and should you drink rose water?

    Why would you want to drink natural Moroccan rose water? Besides this attractive name, it has some very surprising advantages to consume it. Rose water is known for its moisturizing and toning properties on the…

  • two hands putting moroccan rose water on skin

    Is Rose water good for your skin?

    Rose water has been used since antiquity for its regenerating and antibacterial virtues. Nowadays, many people are returning to natural products, which are coming back in force. It would be wrong to deprive ourselves of…

  • a bowl filled with pure natural homemade moroccan rose water and petal roses on top

    How to make your own natural rose water at home?

      Rose water (or rose hydrolate) is a water obtained by distillation of rose petals. Its use is very old and dates back to ancient times. Since that time its properties have never ceased to…

  • What is Moroccan rose water?

    The rose has always been glorified by poets and writers and its unique fragrance has elevated it to the rank of queen of flowers. Its sweet and flowery fragrance intoxicates and envelops you in a…

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