What title did this 9-year-old Moroccan girl won in 2018?

The best Arabic reader is a 9-year-old Moroccan girl. Originally from Taounate, in Morocco, Meriem Amjoune won the title “Arab Reading Challenge 2018”, the largest competition of its kind in the Arab world.

The prize was awarded by the Emir of Dubai Sheikh Mohamed Ben Rached Al Maktoum to the young girl who attends a primary school in Tissa and whose two parents are teachers.

Meriem Amjoune won a prize of about $150,000, of which $100,000 will be dedicated to her university studies and $50,000 will go to her parents, according to the organizers of the competition.

“A generation that reads is a promising generation, and a nation that reads is a nation that invests in the future”, said Sheikh Mohammed, quoted by the emirate’s news agency.

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