Why do young people in the Maghreb prefer Morocco?

EMPLOYMENT – Morocco is increasingly coveted by young people working in the world. This is one of the findings of the Global Talent Survey, the world’s largest survey on international mobility and worker behavior.

A study carried out by the consulting agencies BCG (Boston Consulting Group) and The Network, in partnership with the job search portal ReKrute. The survey covered more than 360,000 people in 198 countries, including 6,721 Moroccans, 65% of whom were male and 33% female (97% of them residing in Morocco).


Africans seduced by Morocco

Morocco is definitely number 1 in Africa. For so long the profile of “expatriates” has been associated with assets from Europe, particularly France, the results of this report give a completely different version. Indeed, Africans are actually the first to want to look for jobs in Morocco.

According to the Global Talent Survey, “workers who want to work in Morocco come mainly from African countries”. In first place are the Ivorians, in second place the Moroccans (the ranking takes into account Moroccans residing abroad wishing to return to the Kingdom) and Tunisians in third place.

The Beninese and Algerians finished fourth and fifth respectively. They are followed by the French (6th place), Saudis (7th), Egyptians (8th), Norwegians (9th) and Belgium (10th), which is making its entry into the Top 10 this year.

Morocco is, therefore, the 53rd country in the world most coveted by young workers. The Kingdom of Morocco ranks far ahead of its Maghreb neighbors, with Algeria in 81st place and Tunisia in 121st place.

In the ranking of the most popular countries for active people in the world, there are no surprises on the horizon, North America and Europe remain widely coveted by the latter. At the top of the list are the United States, followed closely by the United Kingdom, while Canada closes this top three.


Moroccans increasingly turned towards foreign countries

If the Kingdom of Morocco seems to be the target of the desires of young active people, Moroccans also have more and more desires to go and see elsewhere. A lot of Moroccan workers would like to work outside their country.

The three countries most coveted by Moroccan nationals are France, Canada, and Germany. Candidates for expatriation who cite as their main motivations “to acquire professional experience, enrich their personal experience and seek better career opportunities”.

Desires to leave but also to return, Rekrute reported in 2018. 74% of Moroccan residents abroad hope to return one day. The survey states that nearly three-quarters of Moroccans living abroad plan to return to Morocco to contribute to the country’s development, by investing or providing their expertise.

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