A 100% solar village is established in Morocco

Particularly involved in the development of renewable energies, Morocco has taken a new step forward with the project designed at Id Mjahdi. This village in the Essaouira region is entirely powered by solar energy.

Already equipped with the world’s largest and most powerful solar power plant (on the Noor site, near Ouarzazate) and with ambitious targets for the development of renewable energies (42% of the mix in 2020 and 52% in 2030), Morocco continues to pave the way for its transition to green energy. From this point of view, the installations realized in the village of Id Mjahdi constitute a beautiful showcase for the Kingdom’s innovations. In this village of about fifty inhabitants, a solar power plant with 32 photovoltaic panels covers all the energy needs of the inhabitants and infrastructures.

Raising awareness among the younger generations

Supported by Moroccan institutions (Cleanergy, a subsidiary of the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy, the province of Essaouira, the municipality of Ounagha), but also by foreign patrons (Intermarché and Le Petit Olivier brand), this new equipment reaches twenty private homes, the water tower, solar ovens and LED lights. All are powered by the same power plant in an off-grid system, totally autonomous from the traditional electricity grid and equipped with storage batteries.

This educational center has classrooms, a sports field, and a playground, which further enhances the comfort of the inhabitants. It is designed to welcome children aged 4 to 6 from Id Mjahdi and neighboring villages and should make it possible to further refine one of the objectives of this vast project: to make the youngest children literate and make them aware of the importance of renewable energies in their territory.

A social project

By expanding the coverage area of its pilot village, 100% solar and autonomous, Morocco is highlighting its know-how and promoting the emergence of specific skills in the field. It is also committed to another, more social aspect. As soon as the project was launched in 2017, Id Mjahdi integrated an argan crushing plant. This infrastructure, whose production is entirely bought by the brand “Le Petit Olivier”, allows the women of the village to free themselves from the usual chores and to have an income-generating activity. Of what, also here, to bet on the future.

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