Why are pizzerias around the world thankful to Morocco?

Holland exports tomatoes at a price of 47.56% higher than Almería (a province in Spain).

Exports of tomatoes by Morocco already reach the figures of the province of Almeria, according to the results that publish Hortoinfo according to data from COMTRADE, the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), with the code 0702 (fresh and chilled tomatoes) of the Integrated Tariff of the European Communities, known as TARIC and the statistical service Estacom.

In 2016, Morocco exported a total of 524.91 million kilograms of tomatoes, only 2.36 percent less than the quantity exported by Almeria, 537.6 million kilograms, and 42.16 percent less than the Spanish total.

Almeria’s export represents 59.23% of the Spanish total and, with its 537.6 million kilograms, it would rank third in the world, behind Mexico and the Netherlands and ahead of Iran, Morocco, Turkey and the rest of Spain.


Historical recording

In 2016, the highest figure in the history of tomato exports in the world was reached, reaching 8,536.2 million kilos, generating a total of €7,885.41 million for exporting countries when sold at an average price of €0.986 per kilo.


The countries

#1 Mexico
The world’s largest exporter of tomatoes in 2016 was Mexico, which sold a total of 1,748.86 million kilograms abroad for a value of 1,902.24 million euros, with an average price of 1,088 euros per kilo.

Mexico sold 99.72% of its tomatoes to the United States of America, shipping 1,743.89 million kilograms to the United States, exporting 4.62 million kilograms to Canada, distributing the rest between Japan, Holland and Germany, with small quantities to the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

#2 Holland
The second-largest exporter of tomatoes in the world is Holland, which in 2016 sold a total of 1,083.16 million kilos abroad, worth €1,576.47 million and an average price of €1.455 per kilo, the highest price of the 10 largest tomato exporters in the world.

The Netherlands sold 439.39 million kilos of tomatoes to Germany, 173.62 million kilos to the United Kingdom and 60.93 million kilos to Italy. In that year, Spain bought 33 million kilos of tomatoes from the Netherlands, compared to 112.67 million kilos that went the other way, i.e. Spain exported to the Netherlands.

#3 Spain
Spain is the third-largest exporter of tomatoes in the world with 907.62 million kilos (59.23% of Almeria), worth €959.79 million and an average price of €1.057 per kilo.

Spanish tomato exports were mainly to Germany with 239.18 million kilos, followed by the United Kingdom with 138.37, France with 129.53, the Netherlands with 112.67 million kilos and Poland with 62.7 million kilos of tomatoes.

#4 Iran
The fourth-largest exporter of tomatoes was Iran, with 537.12 million kilograms sold for €125.74 million, at an average price of €0.234 per kilo.

The main customers of Iranian tomatoes were Iraq, Afghanistan, the Arab Emirates, and Russia.

#5 Morocco
Morocco is 3rd largest pumpkin exporter in the world and is also the fifth largest tomato exporter in the world, selling 524.91 million kilos in 2016 for €462.63 million, at an average price of €0.881 per kilo. The main customers of Moroccan tomatoes in 2016 were France with 338.51 million kilos, Russia with 110.2 million kilos becoming the second-largest customer for Morocco, and the United Kingdom who is the third-largest customer of Moroccan tomatoes, with an amount of 20.82 million kilos purchased in 2016.

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