How can i chat with jumia customer care ?

The Jumia Customer Service unit as such now runs a 24/7 service where help can be gotten via 07006000000, service@jumia.com.ng and @JumiaHelpNg.

Frequent question, how do I contact jumia customer care in Nigeria? Should you have any questions on your order, please contact our customer service team between 8am to 8pm (Monday to Friday) or between 9am to 6pm (Saturday and Sunday) at service@jumia.com.ng or 0700 6000 000 and we would be happy to serve you.

Furthermore, what is wrong with jumia? Citron Research openly accused Jumia of fraud and described its equity as “worthless.” From a peak price of $49,99, Jumia stocks fell off a cliff and the bottom dropped out as the share price fell below its IPO price of $14.50. Some disgruntled investors began filing class action lawsuits.

Correspondingly, can I contact Jumia on Whatsapp? Jumia Nigeria is now on various chat platforms from Blackberry messenger to Whatsapp and even Wechat. How amazing!!! You can reach out to Jumia on your mobile anytime any day. Remember we are always here to help.

Also know, does Jumia have a Whatsapp number? Yes, this is Jumia. It is our new and only Whatsapp number; just type ‘hello’ to be added.

How do I send an email to Jumia?

Email: service@jumia.com.ng Please call us to speak to one of our customer service agents.

Does Jumia refund money?

If you purchased an item with a Refund voucher, we will refund you the sum of the amount you paid and the amount of the Jumia refund voucher.

How do I get my refund from Jumia?

– If you have used a Jumia voucher/SureGift as means of payment, your refund will be processed as a cashback into your Jumia store credit. If your canceled order is prepaid, we will proceed with the refund within 4 days and notify you. Your refund will be debited to your Jumia store credit balance.

Is Jumia trusted?

No to Fake products JUMIA’s goal is to build the best online shopping experience to gain customer’s trust; this is why we only sell genuine and original products. JUMIA is abiding by the legal rules related to the Customer Protection regulations.

Is Jumia real?

Jumia is a Pan-African technology company that is built around a marketplace, logistics service and payment service. The logistics service enables the delivery of packages through a network of local partners while the payment services facilitate the payments of online transactions within Jumia’s ecosystem.

How long does it take for Jumia to deliver a product?

Jumia Standard Shipping: 6 to 12 business days.

What is the meaning of Jumia?

Jumia is Arabic/Muslim girl name which means “Heaven; The Sun”.

How old is Jumia?

2012: Africa internet Group (AIG) launches Jumia in Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa and Egypt.

Who are Jumia competitors?

  1. Souq — owned by Amazon — is leading in the Egyptian market.
  2. Jiji — with over 8 million monthly active users, Jiji is a strong competitor in Nigeria.
  3. Konga — has been an war with Jumia for years in a battle to dominate the Nigerian ecommece market.

Can I cancel a Jumia order?

To cancel your order online on Jumia Kenya. Log in to your online shopping account. Click on the “Help” menu item and then, select “Contact Us” at the bottom of the list. Next, click on the “Cancel Order” orange button. Enter your contact name, email and order number in the fields provided.

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