Question: What does portia think of the prince of morocco

Despite her real feelings about the Prince of Morocco, Portia answers him politely and reassuringly. Since the irony of her words is not apparent to him, his feelings are spared. She tells him that he is “as fair / As any comer I have look’d on yet / For my affection.” She shows Morocco the honor his rank deserves.

You asked, why does Portia despise this prince? Why does the prince of Morocco fear that Portia will dislike him? He is a braggart. He has a dark complexion.

Furthermore, what is Portia‘s real attitude towards the Prince? Despite her real feelings about the Prince of Morocco , Portia answers him Politely and reassuring . Since the irony of her words is not appearent to him . his feelings are spared . She tells him that he is ” as fair / As any comer I have look ‘ d on yet / For my affections ” .

In this regard, how does Portia react to the Moroccan prince‘s lament? In all, Portia seems very business-like towards the Prince: cordial, but non-committal. If she has any good or bad feelings towards him, she doesn’t let them show and says nothing that would lead us to believe she has feelings about him either way.

Quick Answer, what does Portia say when Morocco? Answer: When he discovers that he will return to Morocco emptyhanded, he bemoans his choice, and Portia says after he leaves, … Portia’s use of the word “gentle” shows that she would not havedetested being married to the Prince (even though she is not in love with him) and that she is sympathetic toward him.Summary: Act II, scene i With a lengthy proclamation of his own bravery and heroism, the prince asks Portia to lead him to the caskets, where he may venture his guess. She reminds him that the penalty for guessing incorrectly is that he must remain unmarried forever.

What does Portia tell the Prince of Morocco after he chooses the wrong casket?

after reading the inscription on the caskets Morocco ask Portia how he will know if he chooses the casket portia reply that her portrait will be in the right casket if he select that’s one then she will be his wife…..

What does Portia say after Prince of Morocco Leaves?

When the prince leaves the place, Portia calls it a good riddance and wishes that every suitor like him should make a similar choice. Who chooseth me shall……in love I do deserve.

What is the Prince of Morocco proud of what is his plea to Portia?

Answer: The Prince of Morocco is proud of his bravery and fearlessness. His plea to Portia is that she should not reject him simply because of the black colour of his skin.

Why does the Prince of Morocco fear Portia will reject him at the outset?

Why does Morocco fear Portia will reject him at the outset? Morocco thinks he will be rejected by Portia because of his skin color.

What is the reassurance that Portia gives the Prince of Morocco?

Portia assures him that she will not judge him and that he has as equal a chance as any to win her affection, for she is bound by the conditions of her father’s will. The prince is quite pleased on hearing that and thanks Portia for her courtesy.

What kind of character is Portia?

Portia is beautiful, gracious, rich, intelligent, and quick-witted, with luxury lifestyle and high standards for her potential romantic partners. She is bound by the lottery set forth in her father’s will, which gives potential suitors the chance to choose between three caskets composed of gold, silver and lead.

How does Portia react to Morocco speech?

(e) How does Portia react to Morocco’s speech immediately after he has finished it? Ans. Portia tells Morocco that she is not lead solely by the attractive looks which please a maiden’s eyes. In addition her destiny is to have a trail of chance which bars her from choosing as she might wish.

How does the Prince of Morocco introduce himself to Portia and present his claim that he is an eligible suitor?

Answer: Morocco is a prince who has come to Belmont to win Portia’s hand in marriage. He introduced himself by the “Flourish of cornets”and tells Portia not to dislike him because of his complexion.

How does Portia react?

Like Antonio, Portia announces her sadness, but unlike Antonio’s, Portia’s sadness is clearly due to the conditions imposed on her by her dead father’s will: in the matter of her marriage, she must abide by the test of the choice of the three caskets; she can “neither choose who I would nor refuse who dislike [as a …

Why does Morocco Thank Portia?

Explanation: On hearing Portia’s speech ,the Prince of Morocco thanks her for her kindness and also requests her to lead him to the caskets to try his fortune.

What does the prince say to Portia before he departs?

Answer: Portia says “A Gentle Riddance” on the departure of Prince of Morocco.

Why does the Prince of Morocco Apologise to Portia about the Colour of his skin?

Prince of Morocco described him as a son of sun thanks why his skin colour is black.By hearing this Portia replied that she cannot choose her husband of her own. Her father had made a condition in the temple there are three caskets of gold,silver,and lead.

What ultimatum does Portia give to Morocco?

Morocco has come to take the casket challenge to win Portia’s hand, but she tells him that if he fails, he may never marry. He addresses his skin color and states how he is no different from any other man. His skin color does not change the amount of love he has for Portia, and should not change how she views him.

What is the first statement that Morocco makes to Portia?

Answer: The Prince of Morocco is the first suitor who arrives seeking to gain Portia’s hand in marriage. He is black, and his opening words ask her not to dislike him because of his skin color: Mislike me not for my complexion, The shadowed livery of the burnished sun……..

How does Portia react to the Prince of Moroccoś failure as a suitor?

Explanation: The correct answer is – She prays that no one with such dark skin ever wins her hand.

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