How does portia feel about morocco failure ?

How does Portia react to the prince of Morocco’s failure as a suitor? She prays that no one with such dark skin ever wins her hand. She is relieved because the quick-tempered prince would not have made a stable husband. She is sad to lose such a wealthy suitor.

Moreover, how does Portia feel about Morocco? Despite her real feelings about the Prince of Morocco, Portia answers him politely and reassuringly. Since the irony of her words is not apparent to him, his feelings are spared. She tells him that he is “as fair / As any comer I have look’d on yet / For my affection.” She shows Morocco the honor his rank deserves.

As many you asked, what does Portia feel about Morocco as stated in an earlier scene? While Portia does not seem to dislike the Prince of Morocco as she does the foolish Arragon, she certainly did not want to marry him. Her comment after he chooses the incorrect casket demonstrates this. She says in an aside: “A gentle riddance!

In this regard, what did Portia make Morocco to swear if he fails to choose the? Context : These words are spoken by the Prince of Morocco to Portia when he is about to make his choice of a casket. … Explanation : The Prince of Morocco swears by his sword that in order to win Portia he would do the most daring thing in the world.

Also, what was Portia‘s response to what the Prince of Morocco said about himself? The Prince of Morocco addresses Portia by saying, “Mislike me not for my complexion.” He is dark-skinned and aware of the racist ideologies in Portia’s society. He is right to assuage her doubts since she made racist remarks before their meeting. Unlike Othello ‘s Desdemona, Portia had claimed, “if he…(e) How does Portia react to Morocco’s speech immediately after he has finished it? Ans. Portia tells Morocco that she is not lead solely by the attractive looks which please a maiden’s eyes. In addition her destiny is to have a trail of chance which bars her from choosing as she might wish.

What does Portia say after Morocco?

When the Prince of Morocco leaves the place, Portia calls it “A gentle riddance!” and wishes that every suitor like him should make a similar choice. Portia hopes that every suitor with Morocco’s complexion makes the same choice.

How did Morocco introduce himself to Portia when they first met in an earlier scene?

Answer: Morocco is a prince who has come to Belmont to win Portia’s hand in marriage. He introduced himself by the “Flourish of cornets”and tells Portia not to dislike him because of his complexion.

What is the first statement that Morocco make to Portia?

Answer: The Prince of Morocco is the first suitor who arrives seeking to gain Portia’s hand in marriage. He is black, and his opening words ask her not to dislike him because of his skin color: Mislike me not for my complexion, The shadowed livery of the burnished sun……..

Was Portia happy with the choice that Morocco made?

Answer : Portia was certainly happy when the Prince of Morocco made the wrong choice. She did not like him because of his dark skin and said that it was good riddance.

What does Morocco have to swear before he makes his hazard?

(iv) What does Morocco have to swear before he makes his ‘hazard’? Answer: Morocco would have to swear that if he chooses wrong he would never speak to any lady afterwards by way of marriage.

What does Portia tell him before he decided to make the choice of caskets Where does she want to take him?

What does Portia tell him before he decided to make the choice of caskets? Where does she want to take him? Answer: Portia tells him that he could either decide not to make the choice of caskets and go away, or if he loses, swear that he would never propose any lady.

What does Portia tell him before he decided to make the choice of caskets?

At Belmont, Portia would like Bassanio to delay before he chooses one of the caskets. Already she has fallen in love with him, and she fears the outcome. She asks him to “tarry,” to “pause a day or two,” to “forbear awhile”; anything, she tells him, to keep him from possibly choosing the wrong casket.

Why does Portia dislike the Prince of Morocco?

Why does the prince of Morocco fear that Portia will dislike him? He is a braggart. He has a dark complexion. He recently proved a coward in battle.

How does Portia encourage the Prince of Morocco when he appreciate himself?

Portia’s retort encourages him. She informs the prince that her choice for a husband is not limited only to what she might see as attractive but that the lottery bars her from making any choice whatsoever. In this sense, then, the prince has as much a chance as any of her suitors.

What does the Prince of Morocco think about himself?

The Prince has a conceited opinion of himself. He later brags about his conquests in battle and flatteringly declares that he will undertake the most arduous tasks to win Portia’s hand. He alludes to Hercules (and Alcides), the mythological hero, because he evidently deems himself his equal.

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