Frequent question: Best time to surf morocco ?

Surf season for Morocco is best in September through to March when you will find consistent swell, relatively warm water and warm air temperatures. The winter storms in the North Atlantic spin northwest swell down to the points and reefbreaks.

Furthermore, does Morocco have good surf? Surf Morocco Guide Morocco’s pleasant climate and exposure to the North Atlantic’s swells make it an attractive surfing destination, especially given it’s close proximity to Europe. Morocco delivers her most tasty waves during fall, winter and spring. The land of the right-hand point break.

Also the question is, how consistent is the surf in Morocco? When to go surfing in Morocco September and October are usually good months all along the coast, but spring is far less consistent and some breaks can go completely flat in summer. During these months, the area between Safi and the country’ capital Rabat is usually more reliable.

Quick Answer, what months are best for surfing? “In general, the best surfing conditions can be found during winter months, in each respective hemisphere, when the waves tend to get bigger and the swells are more reliable. Summer months are usually less consistent and with smaller waves,” Drughi said. The surf season can change with each location.

Correspondingly, can you surf in Morocco in summer? Morocco offers great surf (also in summer), for everyone who is craving for surf all summer long on world class waves for crazy cheap prices. But Morocco is big and beaches can be crowded during summer time.Like its European counterparts, the coastal areas offer spectacular long white sandy beaches and endless Morocco surf options. Surfing in Morocco is for everyone, from beginner surfers looking to get amongst Morocco’s green Atlantic walls to advanced surfers chasing leg burning rides at Anchor Point.

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Morocco?

Water temperatures hover between 16 and 23°C (61-73°F), so you’ll need a wetsuit to surf in Morocco.

Can you drink in Morocco?

Morocco allows the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol must be purchased and consumed in licensed hotels, bars, and tourist areas. You can also buy alcohol in most major supermarkets. The alcohol section is usually in a separate room from the main supermarket.

Can you surf in Tangier?

The country’s capital of Rabat is within easy reach of some good surf spots. Oudaya offers great winter surfing for beginners. It’s located close to the old kasbah. Casablanca, Kenitra, Sidi Ifni, Mirleft, and Tangier also have a good selection of surf shops and camps, with easy access to exciting waves.

Can you surf in Agadir?

There are many terrific places to surf near Agadir, with Taghazout, Tamri, Imsouane, and Tiguert all within easy reach of the city if you want to add more to your Moroccan surfing experience.

Can you surf 1ft waves?

As a general rule, if it’s only 1ft, it’s pretty difficult to surf on, unless you longboard or are a lightweight grom/ shredding machine!

What time of day is best for surfing?

The best time of day to surf is generally in the early morning (around sunrise) and in the late evening (around sunset) when there is swell in the water.

Where can I surf in May June?

  1. Beginner Surfers – Europe: Ericeira, Portugal.
  2. Beginner Surfers – Rest Of The World: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
  3. Intermediate Surfers – Europe: Santander & Somo – Northern Spain.
  4. Intermediate Surfers – Rest Of The World: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.
  5. Advanced Surfers – Europe: Hossegor, France.

Is there surfing in Casablanca?

Casablanca is between Safi in the south and Rabat to the north, which also offers a variety of slabs, points and beachies. The swell season is a long one, from October all the way around to April in a good year. Water is a mild 18 to 24 degrees and although Casablanca isn’t a renowned surf spot, there’s wave here too.

Can you surf in Rabat?

A beach town in northern Morocco, Rabat has a number of options for the visiting surfer, ranging from open beachbreaks to jetty waves fed by the river. The left-hander by the rivermouth tends to be the best and most consistent wave. Gets crowded and can be dirty from river runoff, but a reliable spot to score waves.

Do u need a visa for Morocco?

As a US citizen, if you want to travel to Morocco for tourism or other short-term purposes, you are not subject to any visa requirements at all. US citizens, along with several others, are exempt from Morocco visas and can visit the country with just their passport and a return flight ticket for up to 90 days.

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