Why morocco choose gold casket ?

Prince of Morocco’s choice is straightforward. He chose the gold casket because it seemed the most obvious, and most desirable choice. In contrast, Arragon’s choice is done with more prudence.

Correspondingly, why did the Morocco choose the golden casket? In The Merchant of Venice, the Prince of Morocco chooses the gold casket because gold is the most valuable of the three substances on offer, and he equates this with Portia’s value. He says that gold is the natural setting for a precious jewel.

Also, what does the gold casket symbolize? The gold casket is a symbol of greed and of materialistic and shallow people who value surface over substance. Silver, while still precious, is not quite as luxurious as gold. The silver casket symbolizes a more cautious greed.

Subsequently, why did Prince of Morocco not choose the silver casket? He is quite sure that he deserves Portia; he deserves her “in birth,” “in fortune,” “in grace,” “in qualities of breeding,” and most of all, “in love.” Yet, ultimately, he rejects the silver casket because he refuses to believe that Portia’s father would “immure” a portrait of his treasured daughter in a metal “ten …

Similarly, who chose the gold casket? This scene focuses on the Prince of Arragon’s choice of the three caskets. The Prince of Morocco‘s choice was straightforward and simple. He chose the gold casket; it seemed to be the most obvious, most desirable choice.Answer : Portia was certainly happy when the Prince of Morocco made the wrong choice. She did not like him because of his dark skin and said that it was good riddance.

Why does Morocco wish to be led to the caskets paragraph?

Morocco wanted to led to the caskets to choose the correct caskets and marry Portia. He came to woo Portia . For marrying her , Morocco needed to choose the right casket as mentioned in the will of Portia’s dead father .

What is the importance of casket scene in Merchant of Venice?

Introducing them the caskets play a powerful dramatic significance to the play as it helps justify the mindset of her suitors which come ‘from the four corners of the earth. They come to kiss this shrine, this mortal breathing saint.

Why did Bassanio reject golden casket?

Bassanio rejects the gold casket because he is aware that European moral iconographies repudiate earthly wealth (though, ironically, Bassanio is a poor illustration of the principle).

Why does he reject gold and silver casket?

Bassanio refuses gold because he knows that “all that glisters is not gold.” He also refuses silver, calling it “common drudge ‘tween man and man,” as coins are. He chooses lead because he knows that true worth lies inside, even if the outside doesn’t look like much.

What did Morocco say about the silver casket?

Moving on Morocco considers the silver casket which bears the inscription, “Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.” He pauses on the expression , “as much as he deserves,” to weigh himself with a fair hand. He exposes his own fear that he does not deserve Portia.

What does Portia tell the prince of Morocco after he chooses the wrong casket?

after reading the inscription on the caskets Morocco ask Portia how he will know if he chooses the casket portia reply that her portrait will be in the right casket if he select that’s one then she will be his wife…..

How will Morocco know if he chooses the correct casket?

After reading the inscription on the three caskets, Morocco asks Portia how he will know if he chooses the right casket. Portia replies that her portrait will be in the right casket. If he selects that one, then she will be his wife.

Which casket does the speaker choose Why did he choose that casket?

Answer: The speaker says that he chooses the silver casket as the inscription on it says that he’ll get what he deserves. He feels that those who choose on the basis of fortune don’t deserve the prize.

What do the choice of caskets made by the Prince of Morocco and the Prince of Arragon show about their fitness to marry Portia explain?

She deserves a person who is willing to risk everything they have and selflessly cares about others. The prince of Arragon is selfish and conceited, which is reflected in his choice of casket. His personality and decision makes him unfit to marry Portia.

Which casket does the Prince of Morocco choose how does he lose?

Answer: Prince Morocco chooses the gold casket, and Act II, Scene VII is dedicated mostly to walking us through his reasons behind the choice. … For gold, the inscription reads, “Who chooseth me, shall gain what many men desire.” On the silver casket, it says, “Who chooseth me, shall get as much as he deserves.

Why does Morocco Thank Portia?

Explanation: On hearing Portia’s speech ,the Prince of Morocco thanks her for her kindness and also requests her to lead him to the caskets to try his fortune.

How does Morocco introduce himself to Portia?

Answer: Morocco is a prince who has come to Belmont to win Portia’s hand in marriage. He introduced himself by the “Flourish of cornets”and tells Portia not to dislike him because of his complexion.

Why does Portia dislike the Prince of Morocco?

The Prince of Morocco is the first suitor who arrives seeking to gain Portia’s hand in marriage. He is black, and his opening words ask her not to dislike him because of his skin color: Mislike me not for my complexion, The shadowed livery of the burnished sun.

What does Prince of Morocco find in the gold casket mention any two things written on the scroll?

The first suitor is the Prince of Morocco. He is very handsome, but also conceited. He picks the gold casket because the inscription reads: “Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire. ** When he opens it there is a skull and a scroll inside.

What is the importance of casket story?

Each man is asked to choose a casket, if he chooses the one with a portrait of Portia inside, he will win her hand in marriage. Each casket has a riddle, which, if deciphered correctly, tells of the contents. This trial, designed by Portia’s father, allows him to screen his daughter’s suitors in absentia.

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