Why did real madrid sell achraf hakimi?

What happened in 2020 [Hakimi was allowed to leave for Inter that summer, rather than returning to Madrid after a successful loan spell at Borussia Dortmund] doesn’t have anything to do with him. Other factors, particularly to do with covid and Real Madrid, caused me to leave.

Considering this, why did Inter sell Hakimi? That was the sole clause which was inserted when the club sold the defender to Inter in July 2020, because they were unable to secure a buy-back option. They were left with the right to be able to match any offer received for the player from other clubs, but that will be gone when Inter accept PSG’s offer.

Moreover, how much did Madrid sell Hakimi? Madrid received €40m for Hakimi when they sold him last summer. With this sale, however, Madrid lose the first-refusal right they had in Hakimi‘s contract; there was never a buy-back clause inserted in the deal. Madrid have a 72-hour period to match PSG’s offer, but it’s thought that they won’t.

Correspondingly, who sold Hakimi? PSG Signs Achraf Hakimi From Inter Milan in $70.9 Million Move. Paris Saint-Germain announced the signing of right back Achraf Hakimi from Inter Milan in a deal reportedly worth €60 million ($70.9 million). At just 22, Hakimi has already played for some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Also, is Hakimi a Real Madrid player? Achraf Hakimi’s Real Madrid career He started playing as early as seven years of age and has since evolved into one of the most sought-after football players. Before he joined Real Madrid, he played for CD Colonia Ofigevi. He joined Real Madrid in 2006 at the age of seven. Joining Real Madrid came as a surprise to him.Romelu Lukaku’s transfer to Chelsea from Inter Milan has been finalised after the two sides agreed a £97.5m fee.

How much did Inter pay for Hakimi?

Inter Milan will make a delayed payment of €13m to Real Madrid as part of their 2020 signing of Achraf Hakimi. Moroccan international Hakimi joined Antonio Conte’s side at the start of the current campaign as part of a reported €40m deal.

How much did PSG pay for Hakimi?

PSG paid 71 million euros (including bonuses) to acquire the services of the Moroccan international, which makes him the most expensive player of this summer.

Is Hakimi injured?

International football player Achraf Hakimi will not be able to be part this Saturday of his Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) team’s game against Saint-Etienne, due to an injury. PSG club stated the absence of the Moroccan due to a quadriceps injury he sustained as of this morning. The Parisian squad for #PSGASSE!

What team is Hakimi in FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 Non-Inform | Morocco | Inter | ITA 1. This item is Non-Inform Achraf Hakimi, a RM from Morocco, playing for Inter in Italy Serie A (1). Hakimi FIFA 21 is 21 years old and has 3* skills and 2* weakfoot, and is Right footed.

How much did Chelsea sell Salah for?

In 2014, Salah joined Chelsea for a reported fee of £11 million, but limited gametime led to successive loans to Fiorentina and Roma, who later signed him permanently for €15 million.

How much did Chelsea pay for Kepa?

He then returned to Bilbao and became a first-team regular; in 2018, he was the subject of a record association football transfer when he moved to Chelsea in a transfer worth €80 million (£72 million), a record fee for a goalkeeper.

What did Lukaku say?

What did Lukaku say in controversial interview? In a 29-minute interview with Sky in Italy recorded earlier in December, Lukaku said he said he was “not happy” with his situation at Chelsea, questioned Tuchel’s system and revealed he turned down a move to Manchester City in 2020. “Physically I’m doing great.

Is Hakimi on loan at Inter?

The Madrid-born Hakimi came through Real Madrid’s youth academy then played for the Spanish club before being sent on loan for two seasons to Borussia Dortmund. Hakimi joined Inter Milan in 2020, tallying seven goals and 10 assists to help the team win the Serie A title.

Has Hakimi signed for PSG?

Paris Saint-Germain is delighted to announce the transfer of Achraf Hakimi. The 22-year-old Morocco right-back, who also has Spanish nationality, signed a five-year contract and is tied the club from the French capital until 30 June 2026.

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