Where is pastilla in harvest moon ?

Adamantite is found only on floors 61 and above of the Lebkuchen mine. The one near the volcano. It will be a long grind to get to that floor and the legendary hammer upgrade is mandatory at this point. You need to upgrade your tools to the max level before unlocking floor 61.

Also know, where can I find hibiscus in Harvest Moon?

  1. City: Enfield. Post Code: 2136.
  2. City: Glenhaven. Post Code: 2156.
  3. City: Mascot. Post Code: 2020.
  4. City: Mount Annan. Post Code: 2567.
  5. City: Orchard Hills. Post Code: 2748.
  6. City: Prospect. Post Code: 2148.
  7. City: Taren Point. Post Code: 2229.
  8. City: Terrey Hills. Post Code: 2084.

Moreover, where do you get watermelon in Harvest Moon: One World? You’ll run between two Coconut trees and find as many as three Harvest Wisps down the route. One of the Wisps in the opening that overlooks the lake will give you Watermelon Seeds.

Quick Answer, where can I find hibiscus seeds in Harvest Moon: One World? You can find Hibiscus Seeds along the shorelines of Halo Halo. They take 4 days to grow and have a chance of mutating into Striped Hibiscus if you’re growing them on the beach during summer. Try growing them in the desert to avoid mutations.

People ask also, which mine has platinum in Harvest Moon One World? If you want to look for platinum and titanium ores exclusively, the Lebkuchen mine is the best location. However, you need to prepare for a long grind as these floors are vaster and contain harder crystals or minerals to break.

How do you get ginkgo lumber in Harvest Moon?

There is one in the area of the Marriage Ruin. After collecting Sunflower Seeds, Braden will send a letter to your mailbox asking for 4 Sunflowers. In exchange, he’ll give 10 Ginkgo Lumber.

How do you get coconut milk in Harvest Moon?

Next, head back to your farm, press the action button on your Kitchen set, and then select Coconut Milk from the second tab of the Kitchen. To make one Coconut Milk, you only need one Coconut. Leave this field empty if you’re human: After you’ve created some Coconut Milk, you’ll be able to find them in your Bag.

Where can I find chickpeas in Harvest Moon: One World?

There are two key Chickpea Seeds locations in Harvest Moon: One World, with the most reliable being in the Walnut Tree inlet of Lebkuchen. If you go during the spring, you also have a good chance of picking up the best Seeds in the game.

How do you sell animals in Harvest Moon: One World?

  1. Open your DocPad.
  2. Select “Making Friends” tab.
  3. Press “Confirm” button.
  4. Select “Animals” tab.
  5. Tap on the animal you want to let go.
  6. Press “Let Go” button.
  7. Press “Confirm” button.

Where is Jamil in Harvest Moon?

Jamil is a marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: One World that can be found living in the desert village of Pastilla.

What does Jamil like in Harvest Moon: One World?

Jamil. Jamil runs the animal shop in Pastilla with his mom. He likes to care for all animals, but has a soft spot in his heart for camels.

How do you grow red roses in Harvest Moon: One World?

The easiest ones are found near Malika’s tent in the Oasis. There are two red rose seeds here. One to the left of the tent and one near the Pastilla Memory Portal. If you are lazy to traverse the desert for more, these two seeds are enough to farm daily since they are conveniently located near the portal.

How do you get cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World?

To get Cashmere, players will need to have a Cashmere Goat on their farm. This rare animal is only available after players complete a series of quests to get more food for the animals at Jamil and his mother’s Animal Shop.

How do you smelt ore in Harvest Moon: One World?

If you go back to the start where Doc Jr’s house is located, you will be able to smelt or refine them through the Doc’s machine for a price.

How do you get bronze in Harvest Moon?

Where to find bronze in Harvest Moon: One World. You can find bronze in mines. There are various mines throughout the map in Harvest Moon: One World. However, the mine to the east of Callison is a good source of bronze, and opens up at a convenient point in the game.

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