Where does the moroccan prince first touch land ?

18. Where does the Moroccan prince first touch land? (a) Rome.

Beside above, who begs to travel with Bassanio to Belmont? In Belmont, Portia begs Bassanio to delay choosing between the caskets for a day or two. If Bassanio chooses incorrectly, Portia reasons, she will lose his company. Bassanio insists that he make his choice now, to avoid prolonging the torment of living without Portia as his wife.

Also know, what is Launcelot’s debate about?

Likewise, what is Launcelot’s debate about? He is deciding whether or not to run away. When Old Gabbo enters and Launcelot recognizes him, why doesn’t Launcelot reveal himself to his father? Why does Launcelot want to leave Shylock?

Similarly, what was one of Portias suitors addicted to? She describes the neopolitan prince as being obssessed over his horse, the palatine count as being too serious, the englishman not knowing italian, and the german being addicted to alcohol.Lancelot agrees that Jessica is damned either way. But she points out that she’ll be saved by her husband, who will make her Christian when he marries her.

How many times richer did Portia wish to be Bassanio?

She disparages her wealth, and wishes it to be ten times as great it is at present for the sake of Bassanio.

What did Jessica ask Launcelot?

Jessica gives a ducat to launcelot as his reward for carrying her secret letter to her lover Lorenzo. The letter is to be handed over to Lorenzo. Launcelot is told to hand it over secretly lest anyone should know about their secret love affair.

How is Jessica different from Portia?

Jessica becomes friends with Lancelot, and Portia has Nerissa as her lady-in-waiting. One main difference between both woman is that Jessica is Jewish, and Portia is Christian. Because Jessica is Jewish, she is required to live in the “ghetto”. Jessica lives in Belmont while Portia lives in Venice.

Why Launcelot is Jessica damned?

Launcelot believes that Jessica is damned because she is the daughter of the cunning Shylock. Being the daughter of such a sinner, she will have to pay for her father’s sins.

Why is Jessica afraid to do what is asked of her at the masquerade?

Why is Jessica afraid to do what is asked of her at the masquerade? (a) She is afraid she will be rejected from the synogogue.

What was the motto of Nerissa ring?

In the final lines Gratiano swears, ‘I’ll fear no other thing / So sore, as keeping safe Nerissa’s ring’ (5.1. 306–07). The ring is reclaimed as a symbol of love and desire which is denied to Shylock.

Who is the fair lady what’s the condition to win her hand in marriage who has made this condition Why?

Answer: The fair lady is Portia, the beautiful and rich lady of Belmont. The condition is that the suitors should choose the right casket from the three displayed. The casket that contains Portia’s portrait, is the right one and whoever chooses that, will win her hand.

What is Jessica’s opinion of Bassanio’s wife?

What is Jessica’s opinion of Bassanio’s wife? Answer: Jessica feels that Portia, Bassanio’s wife, is beyond any comparison. He is blessed to have such a lady as his wife and he should now, lead an honorable life.

What has Launcelot said about Jessica’s husband?

Launcelot has said earlier that Jessica is a Jew’s daughter, her mother was also a Jew, so her damnation is a certainty. But Jessica says that her husband, who is a Christian will save her from damnation.

Who does Jessica address?

Answer: Jessica abandons her father, Shylock, and her Jewish identity in order to marry Lorenzo and convert to Christianity.

Why is Lorenzo full of praise for Jessica?

Lorenzo describes the gentle nature of Jessica by saying that she is pure and blameless, unlike her father. EXPLANATION: The Merchant of Venice is written by William Shakespeare. In Act 2 Lorenzo praises Jessica, who is the daughter of the greedy Jewish merchant Shylock.

Why was Jessica in Portia’s house?

Jessica is presented to Portia in Belmont as Lorenzo’s wife in Act III scene 5, just as Portia is supposedly going to retreat and “live in prayer and contemplation” until her husband returns safely with …

What does Lorenzo ask Jessica about Portia?

When Lorenzo asks Jessica what she thinks of Portia, she responds that the woman is without match, nearly perfect in all respects. Lorenzo jokes that he is as good a spouse as Portia, and leads them off to dinner.

What shall Portia not repent now?

10 I never did repent for doing good, Nor shall not now; for in companions That do converse and waste the time together Whose souls do bear an equal yoke of love, There must be needs a like proportion 15 Of lineaments, of manners, and of spirit, Which makes me think that this Antonio, Being the bosom lover of my lord, …

How much money did Antonio borrow from Shylock?

Bassanio approaches the Jewish moneylender, Shylock, and asks to borrow 3000 ducats with Antonio as a bond . Shylock points out that Antonio’s money is invested at sea, and a loan is risky because the ships might sink or be attacked by pirates.

Why did Portia ask Shylock if he had his scales ready?

Answer: Portia asked the jew Shylock that he had scales available at the court so that the flesh can be weighed since if he extract more or less amount of flesh from Antonio’s body then he will have to forego all his lands and his wealth will be shared equally among the state and Antonio.

Who is called a merry devil?

Answer: Launcelot is called a ‘merry devil’. He is a poor person with a cheerful, jovial disposition and a devil-may-care attitude. Jessica is sorry that Launcelot is leaving Shylock’s house. His presence has been a source of fun and joviality.

What does Shylock say when Jessica leaves?

After Jessica steals his jewels and elopes with Lorenzo, a Christian, Shylock famously wishes her death in Act III of The Merchant of Venice: “I would my daughter were dead at my foot, and the jewels in her ear! Would she were hears’d at my foot, and the ducats in her coffin!” (3.1.

Why is Shylock happy to send away Launcelot?

Shylock says that he is sending Launcelot ot Bassanio as he would assist Bassanio in his spendthrift habits and waste his borrowed money. … Shylock says that Launcelot is lazy and cannot be his servant, so he allows him to join Bassanio’s service.

What is difference between Portia and Shylock?

Portia, as a woman and Shylock, as a Jew are marginals of society. They are of less importance then the ruling Christian men. Portia, as a woman isn’t allowed to express her opinion and has no power over her life.

How is Jessica different from Shylock?

Jessica is doubly distinguished. Unlike her father, Shylock, she is said to be gentle; at once noble and gentile. Yet, she remains a daughter to Shylock’s blood despite her conversion.

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