Where are the recording rooms in hitman no subtitle marrakesh ?

50 Syndrome. To complete this assassination challenge, you need to assassinate both Claus Hugo Strandberg and General Reza Zaydan with the APC turret. It’s recommended to earn Mastery Level 14 so you can start in the consulate as the janitor so you can have the fastest access to the assassination.

Subsequently, where is the fountain in Marrakesh hitman?

People ask also, where is remote explosive hitman Marrakesh? This is unlocked at Mastery Level 20 for The Showstopper mission in Paris. If you don’t have that and don’t feel like grinding it, remote explosives can be found in the school where you kill Reza Zaydan, although we haven’t tried putting them in the camera yet.

Also the question is, how do you do dance till you drop hitman?

Also, how do you take toilets off zaydan? When he leaves, walk up to the toilet sitting on the edge of the hole and wait for Zaydan to confront the guards on the floor below you. When he moves forward and under the toilet, kick it to drop it on his head and kill him.

How do you poison general zaydan?

To wake him up you need to turn on the radio placed next to him. After coming to his senses the waiter will turn off the radio and go for the plate. You don’t need to follow the waiter – he will deliver the poison in the food to Zaydan’s table and the general will die after few chunks.

Where is the APC key in Marrakesh?

You can find them on one of the tables in the underground car park of the consulate, with an officer near them – so it’s best to steal the keys after triggering the fire alarm which was required to evacuate Claus Hugo Strandberg.

Where can I find rat poison in Hitman Marrakesh?

  1. One in the level -2 toilets.
  2. One in the Restaurant bathroom.
  3. One in the Laundromat checkout.
  4. One in the Recruitment Station bathroom.

Where is the fortune teller Hitman 2?

Worn by the beggar in between lamp street & electronics street.

How do you drown Hugo Strandberg?

How do you disguise as a cameraman hitman?

The Cameraman disguise can be found by using the “Prime Time” Opportunity. Go inside the large archway in front of the Consulate, and eavesdrop on the Producer and TV Host. Track the opportunity, and it will place a marker on the Cameraman.

How do you poison Ritter?

In order to poison Ritter you need Emetic Rat Poison. It can be found in the unguarded area in the northern part of deck 0 (M1,3). After finding the poison you must get to deck 2 and take interest in the bar in the southern part of the area (M1,2).

How do you beat poison hitman IV?

Where is Zaydans office hitman?

General Reza Zaydan can be found only in the former school, which he turned into his own garrison. Although in case of emergency he will meet with Strandberg in the tunnel (M5,23). Reza is wandering between his office, kitchen, staff meeting room, prison cell (M5,6) and printing room (M5,17).

How do I disguise myself as a masseur hitman?

Stuff the masseur in the nearby container, then quickly drag the consulate security officer over and do the same with him. Change into the masseur disguise, and then grab the wrench and security officer’s gun from the ground.

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