When does jumia treasure hunt start ?

When is Jumia Treasure Hunt 2021 Starting? The official Jumia Black Friday 2021 will begin on Friday, November 5th, at 12 a.m. and 6 p.m., and will be followed by successive ones every Friday during the festive season.

Moreover, what is Treasure Hunt on jumia? For each treasure hunt, the item will have a discount of up to 99% on the app. We’ll give you the clue as the category where the item will be hidden. All you need to do is search the app for the item and when found, place the order immediately. See https://www.jumia.com.ng/sp-treasurehunt/ for details.

Additionally, how do you win a treasure hunt?

  1. Plan your route.
  2. Scout out locations.
  3. Write and number the clues, and put them in numbered envelopes.
  4. Give yourself lots of time to plan.
  5. Get helpers’ buy-in.
  6. Set it up.
  7. Prepare for contingencies.
  8. Add in some random rewards to keep things interesting.

You asked, how do you jumia hunt on Black Friday?

Correspondingly, is jumia Treasure Hunt Real? The Jumia treasure hunt is 100% real. A lot of winners have emerged from the treasure hunt in previous years.You set up a treasure hunt by hiding clues and the treasure. The clues can be simple drawings that your child has to find. Each clue tells your child where to find the next clue. The final clue leads to the treasure.

How many numbers do you need to win a treasure hunt?

Treasure Hunt TO WIN: Match five numbers, each between 1 and 30, in any order to a random set of five numbers. The more numbers you match to those drawn, the more you win.

How do you do an online treasure hunt?

  1. Set a Time. First, you’ll want to allot a certain amount of time for everyone to find the items they are hunting for.
  2. Create a List. You will also need to make sure that you provide a list of clues and instructions to everyone before you start.
  3. Launch and Run Your Hunt.

What’s the benefit of treasure hunt?

Treasure Hunts help people develop new skills and strengthen and reinforce other skills such as leadership, communication, and problem solving. This is of equal benefit to employees and employers combined.

How do I win spin and win jumia?

To celebrate with you, we created Spin & Win, a catchy game that you can play on Opera News to win free Jumia vouchers by just spinning a wheel on your phone. To play Spin & Win, all you need to do is go to the home page of Opera News and tap on the “Go” button in the prize wheel.

How do I pay with jumia?

  1. Click on the link sent to your phone and login to pay on JumiaPay website with your registered email on Jumia or sign up to pay.
  2. On the JumiaPay payment confirmation page, click Pay Now.
  3. Select Use different payment method to add a debit card, returning customer can use the pre-registered debit card.

How can I buy from jumia?

Where is the hidden treasure in jumia?

  1. Open the Jumia App at the appointed time.
  2. Click on the Treasure Hunt Banner.
  3. Find the Treasure.
  4. Checkout FAST with Jumia Pay (There is No Pay on Delivery option for Treasure Hunt Items)

How long do treasure hunts take?

Company team building hunts last about two and a half hours. Larger Public Hunts can last up to four hours.

What is treasure hunt event?

Treasure hunt, the idea of hunting for hidden treasures has always been exciting and adventurous. In treasure hunt, participants work in small teams to find the treasure with the help of given clues. The team who decodes the clue and finds the treasure first will win the game.

What are some clues for a treasure hunt?

  1. I’m in the kitchen, and you’ll never eat me,
  2. Give me a tap and I’ll give you some suds,
  3. I’ve got buttons and numbers, and can give things a zap,
  4. I get cold, but my door twin gets colder,
  5. I take your food and return it to you hotter,
  6. I’ll give you cubes and cold creamy treats,
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