What other cities to visit near marrakesh morocco ?

  1. Meknes – The Ninth Century Medina.
  2. Asilah – Sandy Beaches And Prolonged City Walls.
  3. High Atlas – Paradise For Trekkers.
  4. Essaouira (Mogador) – For GOT Lovers!
  5. Chefchaouen – Painted Ambiance.
  6. Sahara Desert – Glance Sunset Over Dunes.
  7. Rabat – Stunning Capital City.
  8. Casablanca – Modernity Yet Cultured.

Furthermore, what cities are near Morocco?

  1. 75 km to Temara, Morocco.
  2. 87 km to Rabat, Morocco.
  3. 90 km to Sale, Morocco.
  4. 121 km to Kenitra, Morocco.
  5. 194 km to Meknes, Morocco.
  6. 195 km to Khenifra, Morocco.
  7. 207 km to Safi, Morocco.
  8. 208 km to Asfi, Morocco.

Additionally, what is the coolest city in Morocco?

  1. 1 Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen. Perched in the dramatic Rif mountains in the shadow of Jbel ech-Chaouen, the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen is one of Morocco’s best kept secrets.
  2. 2 Fes. Fes Tanneries.
  3. 3 Marrakech. Marrakech.
  4. 4 Rabat. Rabat Seafront.
  5. 5 Essaouira. Essaouira.
  6. 6 Meknes. Meknes.

Subsequently, what city should I stay in Morocco? Marrakesh – The Overall Best Place to Stay in Morocco. It may not be the capital city, but Marrakesh is the number one tourist destination in Morocco.

Also the question is, which is better Marrakech or Agadir? Marrakech is the place to go for a colourful city break, while neighbouring Agadir is the ultimate destination for laidback relaxation. Marrakech is home to many iconic pieces of Moroccan architecture, and it’s a great city to visit to get a historical and cultural understanding of the country.Three major cities in Morocco are Rabat, Marrakech and Fez. The largest cities in Morocco are Casablanca, Fez, Tangier and Marrakech.

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Where is the Blue city Morocco?

Morocco’s small city of Chefchaouen – often referred to as simply Chaouen – is one of Morocco’s most picturesque destinations. Nestled in the glorious scenery of the Rif Mountains, it boasts one of the country’s most charming medinas, famous for its varied shades of blue paint that cover the walls.

Is Fez worth visiting?

Fez el Bali is one of the main places where they are present. It is a true delicacy, and the butchers decorate their shop with camel heads and meat. It is quite honestly worth a visit.

Is Rabat worth visiting?

It doesn’t evoke that exotic image of Marrakesh nor our somewhat delusional romantic notion of Casablanca but Rabat is a pleasant surprise and worthy of a visit if you are planning trip to northern Morocco.

Where do rich Moroccans live?

According to an older report by the same research firm, Morocco’s wealthiest individuals live in Casablanca. The number of millionaires, owning $1 million or more, in Casablanca, estimated at 2,400 in 2015, is expected to increase by 42 percent by 2025, reaching 3,400 millionaires.

What part of Marrakech is best to stay?

  1. 5 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Marrakech, Morocco.
  2. Medina – Where to Stay in Marrakech for the First Time.
  3. Kennaria – Where to Stay in Marrakech on a Budget.
  4. Gueliz – Trendiest Neighborhood to Stay in Marrakech, Morocco.
  5. Hivernage – Coolest Place to Stay in Marrakech, Morocco.

Is Casablanca worth visiting?

Casablanca is a city for travelers who like to feel like a local, rather than a tourist, and who want to experience the present as well as learn about the past. The enormity of Casablanca, Morocco’s most populous city, means visitors have to make an effort to discover its hidden details.

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How far is Fez from Marrakech by train?

The distance between Marrakesh and Fes is 396 km. The road distance is 545.9 km. How do I travel from Marrakesh to Fes without a car? The best way to get from Marrakesh to Fes without a car is to train which takes 6h 46m and costs MAD 220 – MAD 390.

Is Marrakesh warmer than Agadir?

Marrakech is still warmer than the coastal regions like Agadir in September. If you choose to stay closer to the North Atlantic coast, temperatures average slightly lower highs of 29°C and evenings cool to 17°C.

Are there beaches in Marrakech?

There are beaches in Marrakech. At the same rate, there are also beach resorts in Marrakech. Some of them are luxury beach resorts. Most of the time, beaches are busy and one of the best places to be in Marrakech.

How much does a taxi cost from Marrakech to Agadir?

You would simply pay 900 dirhams (roughly) for the whole taxi to Agadir from Marrakech as mentioned above however many people were in your party.

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