Before coming to Morocco

  • What will a professional guide charge per day in Morocco?

    Morocco. What a wonderful place to travel to, and to dive into a world of spices, kindness, and different sceneries. Morocco is definitely one of the go-to places when it comes to traveling, but a…

  • A Western woman wandering through a Moroccan souk in search of what to wear in Morocco.

    What to wear in Morocco (as a woman): Know the dress code [2022]

    “What should I wear?” – Many people with their knowledge of what they have seen in the cinema or on television, in general, like women fully dressed in burkas and other headscarves on their hair,…

  • Moroccan women in Chefchaouen, a Moroccan city, one of the most beautiful in the world.

    Learn How To Live In Morocco: A Useful Advice Guide

    Morocco has always been on your mind, you dreamed of this country and you decided that it was time to book your holidays there. The rental of your luxury villa for Marrakech is done and…

  • Moroccan visa

    Visa exempt countries for Morocco

      Algeria Kuwait Germany Latvia Austria Liechtenstein Australia Lithuania Saudi Arabia Luxembourg Argentina Mali (Need an AEVM*) Belgium Malaysia Bahrain Malta Brazil Mexico Bulgaria Niger Ivory Coast Norway Canada New Zealand Chile Oman China Portugal…

  • A Moroccan green passport with golden letters in front of a Moroccan airport

    What documents do I need to travel to Morocco?

    When traveling to Morocco, it is important to find out if you need vaccinations for Morocco and the identity documents and formalities that are necessary to be able to enter Moroccan territory. Indeed, travelers will…

  • The shoulder of someone getting a vaccine shot

    Do I need vaccinations for Morocco?

    Mandatory vaccines No mandatory vaccination for Morocco, except against yellow fever for travelers from sub-Saharan African and Latin American countries where the disease is present. Recommended vaccines As always, it is recommended to be immune…

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