Question: Why does morocco choose the gold box and reject the silver and lead ?

In The Merchant of Venice, the Prince of Morocco is the first of Portia’s suitors to have to choose between the caskets of gold, silver, and lead to win her hand in marriage. He chooses gold because it is the most obvious choice, being the most valuable of the three substances. … It is ten times as valuable as silver.

Subsequently, why does Morocco choose gold and not lead or silver? Prince of Morocco‘s choice is straightforward. He chose the gold casket because it seemed the most obvious, and most desirable choice. … Arragon rejects lead because of the ominous warning, and thinks that gold refers to the foolish populace. Instead he chooses silver which indicates he will receive what he deserves.

You asked, why does Morocco reject the lead and silver caskets? Answer: Prince of Morocco rejected the silver casket because he thinks that if he is judged by his own standards his merits ,his merits may be very high to win portia but yet to be ensured of what he deserves is a sign of weakness which will bring discredit on himself.

People ask also, why does he reject the lead and gold casket? Answer: Explanation: He rejects the base lead arguing that it cannot contain such a noble person like Portia and silver which is ten times inferior to gold cannot contain Portia as she is such a rich gem.

Considering this, why did Morocco reject the lead casket? Prince of morocco rejected lead casket as he thought it would be a sin to think that portrait of such a beautiful lady like portia would be inside such a cheap metal and also he thought that a wise lady like portia must be nothing less then gold.In The Merchant of Venice, the Prince of Morocco chooses the gold casket because gold is the most valuable of the three substances on offer, and he equates this with Portia’s value. He says that gold is the natural setting for a precious jewel.

What is Morocco’s reasoning for not choosing lead?

A golden mind does not stoop for displays of what is worthless. He decides that he will neither give nor hazard all for lead. To him lead is too threatening and not worth risking anything for.

Which casket did Morocco finally choose and why?

The Prince of Morocco chooses the Gold casket with the message Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire’. He hopes that since Portia is a woman desirable to many men, it will lead him to win Portia’s hand.

Why does he choose the lead casket?

Bassanio refuses gold because he knows that “all that glisters is not gold.” He also refuses silver, calling it “common drudge ‘tween man and man,” as coins are. He chooses lead because he knows that true worth lies inside, even if the outside doesn’t look like much. The lead is more like HIM than like Portia.

Which casket does the Prince of Morocco choose what leads him to make this choice?

The prince of Morocco choose the Gold Casket and the reason why he choose it was that he had his own perspectives, he believed that things that are all shimmery and shiny has something special and he thought that Gold represents beauty and if he chooses the Gold Casket so he might find Lady Olivia in it as she’s a true …

Why did Aragorn choose the silver casket?

In The Merchant of Venice, the Prince of Arragon chooses the silver casket out of a sense of entitlement. The inscription on the casket says that whoever chooses it “shall get as much as he deserves.” As the prince arrogantly thinks that he deserves Portia’s hand in marriage, he promptly chooses the silver casket.

Which casket does Morocco finally choose what two reasons does he give for his choice what do these reasons reveal about his character?

The Prince of Morocco, finally, chooses the gold casket. The lead casket says – “He who chooses me must give and risk all he has.” Morocco interprets this in a wrong way and says that he would not risk everything for lead.

How would Morocco know that he had made the right choice?

Morocco would know if he had made the right choice if he chooses the casket that contains the portrait of Portia. His reward would be to win Portia’s hand in marriage.

What does Morocco have to swear before he makes his hazard?

(iv) What does Morocco have to swear before he makes his ‘hazard’? Answer: Morocco would have to swear that if he chooses wrong he would never speak to any lady afterwards by way of marriage.

Who chooses the silver casket in Merchant of Venice?

The Prince of Arragon chooses the silver casket in The Merchant of Venice as he agrees with the following saying: “Who chooseth me shall get as…

What do the choice of caskets made by the Prince of Morocco and the Prince of Arragon show about their fitness to marry Portia explain?

She deserves a person who is willing to risk everything they have and selflessly cares about others. The prince of Arragon is selfish and conceited, which is reflected in his choice of casket. His personality and decision makes him unfit to marry Portia.

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