Question: Which of the following characters is suddenly a knock on the door is a moroccan ?

Sergei Goralick, the protagonist of the story “What, Of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?” is a Russian emigré living in Jaffa, a place full of “addicts, Arabs and pensioners.” He lives there in spite of these motley neighbors because “what is most excellent about addicts and Arabs and pensioners is that they don’t come …

Correspondingly, what is the nationality of the bearded man in the suddenly knock on the door? Sweden, the place the bearded guy made aliya from, is progressive, and is way up there in quite a few areas. Sweden isn’t just ABBA or IKEA or the Nobel Prize. Sweden is a world unto itself, and whatever they have, they got by peaceful means.

Also the question is, what type of character is Sergei? Sergei’s paranoia is his main attribute that forms his other traits and persona. It leads to his hostility as too protect himself because of his belief that no one would want to create a ny sort of relationship with him without an ulterior motive. This results in him having no social relationships, making him lonely.

People ask also, what is this gold fish? In this story, Israeli writer Etgar Keret (6. 1967) explores the hopes and dreams of people in this diverse society. What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish? AS YOU READ Think about the kinds of things people wish for to make their lives happier.


Is Sergei a dynamic character?

Sergi proves to be a dynamic character in the plot of this story.

What are some characteristic traits?

  1. Religious.
  2. Honest.
  3. Loyal.
  4. Devoted.
  5. Loving.
  6. Kind.
  7. Sincere.
  8. Ambitious.

How do Yoni’s personality and attitude contrast with Sergei’s?

Yoni is more extroverted and Sergei is more introverted.

What did Sergei wish for?

His wishes are to cure his sister of cancer, heal Sveta’s son without telling Sveta how it came about, and bring Yonatan back to life even though Sergei knows he will have to set the fish free.

What is this goldfish question?

  1. What was Yonatan’s idea for his documentary?
  2. What did the old lady wish for?
  3. What did the Holocaust survivor wish for?
  4. How does Sergei react when Yoni comes to his door?
  5. Why is Sergei’s reaction irrational?
  6. How does Sergei’s cultural experience help explain his reaction?

Why does Yonatan come to Sergei door?

Why does Yonatan come to Sergei’s door? He has gone to the wrong apartment by accident. He is with the KGB and has tracked Sergei from Russia. He wants to interview Sergei for a documentary film.

Who wounded the bearded man?

The king’s bodyguards had wounded the bearded man.

Who was the bearded man why did he want to have his revenge on the king?

Answer: The bearded man wanted to kill the king because the king had put the man’s brother to death and had also seized his property, that is why he wanted to take revenge on the king.

Why did the bearded man faint?

The bearded man wanted to kill the King to take the revenge of his brother’s death. This is because the King had executed his brother and seized his property. … When the man saw the King helping him, the man realised his mistake and fainted on the ground, moaning feebly….

Who is the static character in what of this goldfish would you wish?

In this house is where all the plot and conflict take place. Yonatan is the protagonist because he has good intentions and only wanted to create a tv show. His character is flat and static because his character does not change throughout the story.

What of this goldfish would you wish analysis?

This essay portrayed a certain purpose being that not everyone is content with their lives and that they hold on to different things for happiness, (even if it is a fish that you can talk to just to keep some company).

What are the characteristics of Mathilde Loisel?

Mathilde’s primary character traits are her beauty, her vanity, and her social ambition, all of which play their part in leading her to her ruin.

Is Sneaky a character trait?

People who are sneaky tend to be deliberately deceptive, factors that most definitely represent negative personality traits. Those who engage in malicious acts deliberately do things that they know will negatively impact other people.

Is anxious a character trait?

State anxiety can be determined by several rating instruments developed in the past. Trait anxiety represents a fairly stable characteristic related to personality. Experiencing more frequently state anxiety combined with a general view of the world as being threatening and dangerous is used as marker of trait anxiety.

What do Sergei’s actions tell you about his personality How do Sergei’s actions contrast with Yoni’s first impression of Sergei What is the effect?

Sergei’s actions shows that he is grumpy and doesn’t like to be bothered. Yoni first thinks he has a strong and nice face that must be used in his movie picture. The effect is Yoni getting hit in the head with a burner.

What theme is revealed by Sergei’s interpretation of characters words and actions?

The story theme of happiness conveyed through Sergei’s situation and actions and the outcome of events is that happiness is not permanent; Sveta left Sergei for a police officer, Sergei moved far from his family, his goldfish and only friend left him, and in the end, Yoni went on living his life barely remembering …

What can you infer about Sergei’s character based on his first two wishes?

What can you infer about Sergei’s character based on the way he uses his first two wishes? That Sergei truly cares for others but it is very difficult for him to do so. He wants to help people but he has been burned in the past and wants to use the last wish for himself. Sergei considers the goldfish to be his friend.

Does Sergei save Yoni?

Yes, It allows you to figure out on your own that Sergei made the right decision and used his last and final wish to save Yoni. A theme is an important idea about life or human nature expressed through a story’s characters and event.

What did Sergei use his second wish on?

The fish undid it in an instant—the words barely out of Sergei’s mouth. The second wish Sergei used up five years ago, on Sveta’s boy. The kid was still small then, barely three, but the doctors already knew.

Why did Keret make Sergei a Russian who moved to Israel?

Why did Keret make Sergei a Russian who moved to Israel? What is the significance of that shift in setting in terms of developing Sergei’s character, or building the conflict in the story? Sergei moved to Isreal because of his dad’s status, he was always being annoyed by the government.

What is ironic about this archetypal character appearing in the story?

What is ironic about this archetypal character appearing in the story? it’s ironic that yoni bases his interview question on the archetype of a magical, wish-granting fish and then winds up at the home of someone who actually has such a fish– a move that causes his death.

What is Sergei’s background?

The main characters backgrounds are, Yoni has a Jewish background and speaks good hebrew. Sergei is Russian and speaks Russian.

What is the subject of Yonatan documentary?

what is the subject of Yonatans documentary? people sharing their dreams and wishes.

What did Yonatan make?

Unfortunately, Yonatan was not getting the answers he wanted, Yonatan was trying to become big in the TV world and he wanted to make this documentary poignant and have deep meaning. The answers he had been getting weren’t cutting it he needed more so he expanded his horizons and went to other areas.

How does the motif of wishing apply to each of the story’s major characters Yoni Sergei and the goldfish?

How does the motif of wishing apply to each of the story’s major characters: Yoni, Sergei, and the goldfish. What is similar and different about their wishes? Sergei used his last wish to save Yoni and he was able to complete his video. The last section of the story is a flash forward.

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