Question: Hitman 2 marrakesh where is the school ?

There will be a dead end a few feet from where you KO’d the poor headmaster, and a ledge along the wall that you can climb up to. Do so, then shimmy to the right until you reach a pipe. Slide down that pipe and you’ll find yourself on the ground level, very close to where the school is.

You asked, where is the safe in Marrakesh hitman? You can find it behind the store counter or in Zaydan’s office. It allows to open Strandberg’s safe.

As many you asked, where is the battle AXE in Hitman 2 Marrakesh? The battle axe is now located in Zaydan’s office; the room where the safe was at initially (there is also a second battle axe in one of the bazaar’s carpet stalls.)

Beside above, where do you poison Zaydans food? In the first place you need to get the jar of lethal poison pills (M5,9) – it’s in the Zaydan’s office which you can infiltrate most easily when disguised as the officer. After getting pills walk down the street towards the market and poison the food on plate (M5,20) which you can find in a roadside kitchen.

Correspondingly, how do you unlock lockpick hitman? What you need to do to get lockpicks in Hitman 3 is play the level, earn XP by completing challenges, and hit Mastery Level 2. That is when you will unlock the Lockpick Mk III to use in other missions.

How do you get into the shisha lounge hitman?

Shisha Café key To obtain it you have to go to the café’s garden, open for all tourists. The key is on the bar (M5,1) – only soldier’s disguise allows you to walk behind it (you can’t use the waiter’s outfit as the other employee, who is standing there, will recognize you momentarily).

Where is the shoe shop in Hitman 2?

Hidden stash: Shoeshop. This stash is in the slums.

Where is Rico Delgado safe combination?

How do you electrocute Strandberg?

  1. Find the stage lamp and use the screwdriver to expose the wire, then turn on the stage lamp. Ensure you first expose the wire, then turn on the lamp to not electrocute yourself.
  2. When Strandberg leans the railing, he’ll be electrocuted.

Where is the Battle Axe in Hitman 2 Miami?

The axe is on the right side of the door inside the gym.

Where can I find Saber Hitman?

  1. The Showstopper/Holiday Hoarders – A total of four Sabers can be found within these missions, all behind glass: Two in the Museum.
  2. World of Tomorrow – A total of three Sabers can be found within this mission:
  3. A Gilded Cage – A total of two Sabers can be found within this mission:

Where is the missing key in Hitman?

You can find them on one of the tables in the underground car park of the consulate, with an officer near them – so it’s best to steal the keys after triggering the fire alarm which was required to evacuate Claus Hugo Strandberg.

How do you get to the school hitman?

Make the first right and walk toward a more open area of the market, passing a pottery selling woman. A food cart will be to the left. Pass it and turn left. Walking down the alley, the stairs to the school will be straight ahead, but you’ll still need a disguise to get inside.

How do you disguise as a cameraman hitman?

The Cameraman disguise can be found by using the “Prime Time” Opportunity. Go inside the large archway in front of the Consulate, and eavesdrop on the Producer and TV Host. Track the opportunity, and it will place a marker on the Cameraman.

How do you take toilets off zaydan?

When he leaves, walk up to the toilet sitting on the edge of the hole and wait for Zaydan to confront the guards on the floor below you. When he moves forward and under the toilet, kick it to drop it on his head and kill him.

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