Popular question: How much is infinix hot 6 in jumia ?

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Price in Nigeria starts at around 47, 500 Naira for 16GB storage / 2GB RAM model and around 55,000 Naira for the 32GB storage / 3GB RAM.

You asked, how much is infinix hot 6X? Infinix Hot 6X Price and Availability Infinix Hot 6X price in Nigeria ranges from 47,000 Naira to 53,000 for the 2GB / 16GB model and 55, 000 Naira to 60,000 Naira for the 3GB / 32GB model.

Amazingly, how much is infinix hot 6 32GB in Nigeria? Infinix Hot 6 Price and Availability Infinix Hot 6 Price in Nigeria starts at around 36,800 Naira depending on the deal.

Quick Answer, does infinix hot 6 has fingerprint? Fingerprint takes up to 5 fingerprints, but the touch functions this time around are limited to only unlocking the device, taking a photo and accepting a call. As for Face Unlock, it only allows one Face ID at a time and the best you can do with it is unlock the device.

Also know, how Much Is Hot 8? As it stands, the Infinix Hot 8 can be purchased for anything between N50, 000 and N60, 000 while the Hot 8 Lite goes for any amount between N42, 000 and N50, 000.

Does hot 6 have 4G?

Infinix Hot 6 is a 4G-supported smartphone. The phone supports 4G networks of all network providers in the country, including 9mobile.

How much is infinix smart 5 in Nigeria now?

Infinix Smart 5 price starts at around 49,500 Naira in Nigeria, which is around $100.

How much is hot8 pro?

How much is the Infinix Hot 8 Pro sold in Nigeria? The Infinix Hot 8 Pro price in Nigeria is available for purchase between #44,500 to #49000.

How much is infinix hot 6X in Nigeria 2020?

The price of Infinix HOT 6X in Nigeria is between N55,000 and N60,000 for the 16GB ROM/2GB RAM and N65,000 and N70,000 for the 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM.

What is the price of infinix S6?

Buy the upcoming Infinix S6 that will be launched in India on July 22, 2020 (Unofficial) at Rs 9,990.

How much is hot 6 new?

The price of Infinix HOT 6 in Nigeria is between N45,000 and N50,000.

How much is Tecno spark 5 now?

Tecno Spark 5 price in Nigeria is 52,500N. While the price of Tecno Spark 5 air in Nigeria starts from 50,000 Naira. However, Tecno spark 5 Pro in Nigeria, is around 55,000 naira.

How much is a hot 7?

The price of Infinix HOT 7 in Nigeria is between N55,000 and N60,000.

How much is infinix hot 6 in Uganda?

The Hot 6 is available at all Infinix Branded shops near you at only UGX 463,000.

How much is Tecno Hot 9?

Price of Infinix Hot 9, Hot 9 Play In Nigeria Infinix Hot 9 price in Nigeria is 53,000N For 2GB/32GB. While the price of Infinix Hot 9 3GB/64GB in Nigeria is 58,000N. And as for Infinix Hot 9 Play Price in Nigeria, it is 53,000 Naira.

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