How much does jumia charge sellers ?

In line with the Federal Government’s directive on the Finance Act 2019, the Value Added Tax (VAT) applicable on goods and services offered by Jumia would be increased from 5% to 7.5% effective on the 1st of February 2020.

Quick Answer, how much does it cost to sell on Jumia Nigeria? How much does it cost to sell on Jumia? The registration on Jumia is free for all the vendors.

Also know, how do I become a partner on Jumia? To get started, you will be required to go to the Jumia Seller registration page and sign up. After signing up, you will be able to upload your own products to sell on Jumia Nigeria. You can always contact Jumia’s Partner Support via 0700 6000 000 throughout the entire process in case you require assistance.

You asked, how do I become a seller on Jumia Kenya?

  1. Email address and phone number.
  2. Details of your company (Address,legal name ,etc)
  3. Bank account details.
  4. Selling genuine and new legal products.

Furthermore, how do sellers get paid on Jumia? You will be paid via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) on a weekly basis. Payments are made by the 8th working day after the one week date range of sales (as shown on account statement).

Is selling on Jumia profitable?

Despite the business model shakeup, Jumia is still not profitable, and it is also not growing as fast as it once was. Jumia’s customer base grew to 6.9 million, 500k customers (6.9%) higher than 6.4 million in Q1 2020.

How do I get my product on Jumia?

  1. Register in our platform under 5 minutes. Fill the Registration Form and submit the required documents: (A) Business Registration; (B) Bank Account Details;
  2. Become an E-commerce Expert. Complete the dedicated New Seller Training.
  3. List and Sell your Products.
  4. Access our Promotions and Marketing.

How can I post my product on Jumia?

You have to search for the product on the website. By the extreme right select “Have one to sell, sell yours here” . If your product(s) don’t/doesn’t exist in the Jumia catalog: You can create new offers one by one or massively with file upload via our Seller Center platform.

How can I use Jumia logistics?

  1. Sign up now.
  2. Contact Us. Mail: logistics.ng@jumia.com. Call / WhatsApp: 0906 2222 410.
  3. Make a claim.
  4. Find the nearest Drop-off location to you.

How do I become a Jumia pickup agent?

  1. Click register.
  2. Select either service provider registration form or logistics service provider section.
  3. Fill in the registration form and tick agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Click Register.
  5. Wait for your account to be approved.
  6. Login to your account after approval.
  7. Click sell a service.

What sells most on Jumia Kenya?

In November and December, Jumia Kenya says, the most selling items were mobile phones followed by computer hardware, television, home appliances and fashion items.

How do sellers get paid?

When it’s time for you to get paid for selling your home, your closing agent will usually give you two options: wire transfer or a paper check. In general, a wire transfer is considered the faster, safer option.

What’s wrong with Jumia?

Citron Research openly accused Jumia of fraud and described its equity as “worthless.” From a peak price of $49,99, Jumia stocks fell off a cliff and the bottom dropped out as the share price fell below its IPO price of $14.50. Some disgruntled investors began filing class action lawsuits.

Who are Jumia competitors?

  1. Souq — owned by Amazon — is leading in the Egyptian market.
  2. Jiji — with over 8 million monthly active users, Jiji is a strong competitor in Nigeria.
  3. Konga — has been an war with Jumia for years in a battle to dominate the Nigerian ecommece market.

What is the meaning of Jumia?

Jumia is Arabic/Muslim girl name which means “Heaven; The Sun”.

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