How many moroccans live in the netherlands ?

23,255 persons with one parent born in the Netherlands (11,911 men, 11,344 women) 151,499 persons with both parents born outside of the Netherlands (76,652 men, 74,847 women)

Moreover, how many Moroccans are there in the Netherlands? Europe. Moroccans are one of the largest migrant populations in Europe, with the Moroccan diaspora community living in France estimated at 1,146,000, Spain 766,000, Italy 487,000, the Netherlands 363,000, Belgium 298,000 and Germany 127,000.

Amazingly, how many Moroccans are in Europe? Of the estimated 5.6 million Moroccans living abroad, 5.1 million live in Europe.

Similarly, where do the most Moroccans live? France is home to the largest legally residing population of people of Moroccan descent (more than 1,025,000), followed by Spain (397,000), the Netherlands (315,000), Italy (287,000), Belgium (215,000), and Germany (99,000).

Frequent question, how many foreigners live in the Netherlands? The Netherlands, the most densely populated country in Europe, has a population of sixteen million inhabitants. More than three million of them have a non-Dutch background. Little more than half of these three million immigrants, i.e. 1.7 million people, is of non-Western origin.According to British government estimates, approximately 25,000 Moroccans live in the UK and a further 50,000 British citizens boast Moroccan origins, and each of them find special and personal ways of celebrating Ramadan in true Moroccan style.

How many Moroccans live in Germany?

Moroccans in Germany are residents of Germany who are of Moroccan descent. According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, as of 2018, there are total 76,200 Moroccan citizens living in Germany without German citizenship.

How many Moroccans live in Australia?

In an interview with SBS Radio, Medrek said that there are nearly 10,000 Moroccans residing in Australia. The community is most present in Sydney and Melbourne. “There also some Moroccan families who live in small cities, such as Brisbane, and Queensland,” Medrek said.

How many Moroccans live in Italy?

There is a large population of Moroccans in Italy. According to Italy’s 2016 census, 675,650 Italians are foreign people with Moroccan nationality, ethnic-Moroccans are estimated at 1,025,000, that is 1.1% the population of Italy.

Can you kiss in Morocco?

If you are a foreign couple visiting and you kiss no one is likely going to say anything to you – kissing in Morocco is not illegal. However if one partner is Moroccan you may face additional scrutiny. While you might not get in trouble, it is highly frowned on to kiss or fondle each other in public.

Can Moroccans live in France?

While many Moroccans now migrate to Spain or have settled in Belgium, France remains the country with the largest number of Moroccan immigrants, many of them dual nationals. The diversity of the Moroccan immigrant population in France is remarkable.

Is Netherlands overpopulated?

People. With 17 million people and a population density of 488 people per km2, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country of the European Union and one of the mostly densely populated countries in the world. The total size of the Netherlands is 41,500 km2.

What percentage of Netherlands is white?

Netherlands is populated in 81% by Caucasian Dutch population of Germanic or Gallo Celtic descent. Contrary to the popular ideas, more Dutch are catholic 31% than protestant 21%.

How many Chinese are in Netherlands?

The number of Chinese nationals residing in the Netherlands surged from 7.5 thousand in 2000 to 36.5 thousand in 2019. It should be noted, however, that there is an even larger group of people with a Chinese migration background: as of 2019, altogether 54.2 thousand residents were originally born in China.

How many Moroccans live in Canada?

Canadian Citizens of Moroccan descent, first-generation Morocco immigrants, or descendants of Morocco who immigrated to Canada are called Moroccan Canadians. The unofficial number of Moroccan Canadians living in Canada is around 104,000 people. Moroccans began arriving in Canada in the mid 1960s.

How many Moroccans live in Algeria?

Emigration from the region In 2020, according to the paper, around 4 million Moroccans, and 2 million Algerians lived abroad. Whereas previously much of the migration from the Maghreb was towards France, increasing numbers of Moroccans and Tunisians now live in Italy, Spain and Germany.

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