Frequent question: Where can jumia be located in ghana ?

  1. Makola Pick-Up Station. City: Accra Central. Address: First floor, SICLife Mall, adjacent Barclays Bank.
  2. Tema Pick-Up Station. City: Tema. Address: 1st floor, Old Ecobank building.
  3. Legon Pick-Up Station. City: legon. Address: University of Ghana Post Office, EMS office.
  4. Zenith College Pick-Up Station. City: Labadi.

People ask also, how long does jumia take to deliver in Ghana? For all Accra cities Products tagged as Jumia Express products are delivered between 1 to 2 business days. For standard products, (that is products that have no tags), it is delivered between 5 to 6 business days. Jumia Global products are delivered between 15 to 24 business days.

Also, how do I get a jumia pick up station? STEP 1: Plan your business. STEP 2: Form a legal entity. STEP 3: Register for taxes. STEP 4: Open a business bank account & credit card.

Also the question is, does jumia work in Ghana? Jumia is the largest online retail store in Ghana. Deliveries to all 10 Regions in Ghana.

Moreover, does jumia operate in Kumasi? Buy & Sell Online in Kumasi – Jumia Deals.

  1. Click on buy now.
  2. Click on the cart to open (The basket-like image on the top right hand coner of the page)
  3. Click checkout and type in your email address to log in.
  4. Enter your details: name, ,address, mobile number to place the order successfully.
  5. Click save changes to continue.

Does Jumia charge for delivery?

For orders with 3 or more items, the shipping fee for each item may be incremented by 5-10 KSH to facilitate payment (e.g. 170 KSH instead of 163.33 KSH). Jumia promises to provide you with the best-in-class shopping experience at every step of the way.

How can I contact jumia?

Should you have any questions on your order, please contact our customer service team between 8am to 8pm (Monday to Friday) or between 9am to 6pm (Saturday and Sunday) at service@jumia.com.ng or 0700 6000 000 and we would be happy to serve you.

How does jumia delivery work?

Door Delivery: Delivery time starts from the day you place your order to the day one of our delivery associates makes a first attempt to deliver to you. Delivery will be attempted 2 times over 5 days (7.00 am to 5.30pm ) after which the item will be cancelled.

How does jumia pickup work?

Jumia Pick-Up Stations | Jumia Nigeria. Delivery time starts from the day you place your order to when you receive the first SMS to pick up your order from our pickup station. Ensure you pickup your item within 5 days, otherwise it will be cancelled.

How many days does it take Jumia to deliver a phone?

Jumia Standard Shipping: 6 to 12 business days.

Are Jumia products original?

Are all products on Jumia original, new/unused and genuine? Yes, We are committed to offering our customers 100% genuine and original products. We also take the necessary actions to ensure that any seller found to be selling non-genuine products is immediately delisted from selling on Jumia.

How can I become a Jumia agent?

To become an independent sales consultant with Jumia Nigeria, you need to register,once accepted you will be working as a sales consultant for Jumia without fully commiting yourself to them, then start selling Jumia products and make money doing so. You can make up to Kshs. 40,000.

How do I pay on Jumia?

  1. Click on the link sent to your phone and login to pay on JumiaPay website with your registered email on Jumia or sign up to pay.
  2. On the JumiaPay payment confirmation page, click Pay Now.
  3. Select Use different payment method to add a debit card, returning customer can use the pre-registered debit card.

Does Jumia accept mobile money?

Dial *170# OR On your Phone Menu, locate “MY MTN” and select Mobile Money. Enter your Mobile Money Pin. Press Ok to confirm payment to Jumia.

How do I deposit money on Jumia?

  1. Go to Pay.Jumia.com.
  2. Click on “Login”
  3. Type in your login details “email address and password.”
  4. Click on “Withdraw”
  5. Click “Bank transfer.”
  6. Input your bank details.
  7. And click to receive your money through a bank alert.
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