Frequent question: How much do jumia charge for delivery ?

MEDIUM ITEMS: the shipping fee is 4,050 for the main city and 4,550 for the Group E Region; the maximum fee here is 20,000. If the shipping fee exceeds 20,000 please do not pay. LARGE ITEMS: the shipping fee is 12,100 for the main city and 15,100 for the Group E Region; the maximum fee here is 60,000.

In this regard, how much is jumia delivery fee in Abuja? In Abuja, the service costs N2,499 and N6,499 for the same time period. A third subscription level for six months in Lagos was recently added for N7,999. Jumia Prime comes with a few caveats. The most important is that the service has a monthly cap for orders and no more than 50 orders can be made per month.

Subsequently, how long does jumia Kenya take to deliver? We also do the same for a few electronics like Smartphones, especially for buyers in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru. Smartphones typically take 3 – 7 days to be delivered.

Also the question is, how long does jumia take to deliver in Ghana? For all Accra cities Products tagged as Jumia Express products are delivered between 1 to 2 business days. For standard products, (that is products that have no tags), it is delivered between 5 to 6 business days. Jumia Global products are delivered between 15 to 24 business days.

Furthermore, does Jumia deliver to your house? Jumia might be an online storefront, but we also operate a number of different pickup stations all over Nigeria. These stations serves as locations where you can choose to have your orders delivered to.

How can I get free delivery on Jumia?

  1. Subscribe to any of the Jumia Prime products.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation. Your subscription will be activated immediately.
  3. Enjoy your free delivery service.
  4. Your discount will be displayed and subtracted from your “Total to pay”.

How long does it take Jumia to deliver a phone?

Jumia Standard Shipping: 6 to 12 business days.

How long does it take Jumia to deliver an order?

It takes 4 to 6 business days for your product to get to you if it is the standard shipping method. Remember, weekends are not included. For products shipped from overseas, it takes 12 to 19 business days for your product to get to you.

Do you pay before delivery in Jumia?

There are no hidden charges when you make a purchase on Jumia. The order amount is inclusive of all taxes and shipping fees. In case your order is delivered partially you will be required to pay only for the item that has been delivered to you.

How do I pay Jumia via mpesa?

  1. Go to your MPESA Menu.
  2. Select Lipa Na MPESA option.
  3. Select Pay Bill.
  4. Enter Business Number (510800)
  5. Enter Account Number (Order/Cart Number)
  6. Enter the amount for the order.
  7. Click send.

What happens if I don’t pick up my Jumia order?

If you don’t pick it up at the VDO, the package will be sent to the warehouse where you will still be able to pick it up.

How do I pay on Jumia delivery in Ghana?

  1. Click on buy now.
  2. Click on the cart to open (The basket-like image on the top right hand coner of the page)
  3. Click checkout and type in your email address to log in.
  4. Enter your details: name, ,address, mobile number to place the order successfully.
  5. Click save changes to continue.

Why can’t I pay on delivery on Jumia?

Note that you may be unable to use pay on delivery on Jumia Nigeria if: Your cart has a shipped from overseas item or an insurance item. Your total cart value is less than ₦3,500. Your total cart value is more than ₦200,000.

Can Jumia deliver the same day?

The exclusive delivery expansion offered as Express delivery gives all Jumia Customers in Lagos the opportunity to receive their order the same day they place the order. It is same day delivery that is not being offered by any other retailer in Nigeria.

How is delivery cost calculated?

Determine fuel and maintenance charges, yearly depreciation, registration, and any other miscellaneous charges, such as parking fees, incurred during an operating year. Divide this total by the average number of deliveries your restaurant makes in a year to determine a base vehicle operating cost per delivery.

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