Frequent question: How fast is achraf hakimi?

The 21-year-old clocked a top speed of 22.49 mph (36.20 km/h) in Dortmund’s gripping 3-3 draw at home to RB Leipzig, making him the fastest player ever recorded in Germany’s top flight since detailed data collection began in 2011/12.

Quick Answer, what is Adama Traore top speed? Two Liverpool players make up the top five. Mo Salah is second with a top speed of 36.6 km/h, which was also recorded by Adama Traore prior to his move from Wolves to Barcelona.

You asked, who is the fastest Bundesliga player? Mainz centre-back Jeremiah St. Juste has been the fastest player in the Bundesliga this season so far, according to numbers released by Kicker. The 25-year-old clocked a top speed of 36,63 km/h before suffering a shoulder injury that has kept him out since October.

Furthermore, how fast is Alphonso Davies? Alphonso Davies is the fastest recorded player in Bundesliga history. Bayern Munich’s versatile wing-back has been clocked sprinting as fast as 36.51 km/h (22.7 mph), earning him the nickname of “The Road Runner” from teammate Thomas Muller.

Additionally, who is the fastest player ever in soccer? 1: Arjen Robben – 37 KM/H During the World Cup 2014, this dutchman sprinted past Sergio Ramos against Spain with a speed of 37 KM/H making him the fastest player ever. Robben is known for making solo goals as he cuts into the defence confidently.Kylian Mbappe is undoubtedly one of the fastest footballers in the world right now. The Frenchman has blistering speed and recently broke the speed guns when he clocked in a top speed of 23.6 mph (38 km per hour).

How Fast Is Van Dijk?

It was Andy Robinson who made the crucial tackle to prevent Suarez from putting Barcelona 4-0 up, but Van Dijk’s 34.5km/h sprint was the fastest speed clocked in the Champions League that season, beating the likes of Leroy Sane, Kyle Walker and even Kylian Mbappe. Impressive.

How fast is Sancho?

Jadon Sancho, England – 34.6 kmph: The former Manchester City academy star has pace and trickery in abundance and with a max speed of 34.6 kmph, the BVB man will take some stopping for the Three Lions.

Is Adama Traore fast?

Traore is still the fastest player in the league, one ahead of Leeds United’s Daniel James and two better off than Ismaila Sarr of Watford. Paris Saint-Germain’s Achraf Hakimi and Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr are both in the top ten and will bring serious speed across all of the game modes.

What is tyreek hill top speed?

  1. Tyreek Hill 40 time: 4.29 seconds*
  2. Tyreek Hill top speed: 21.91 mph.

What is Messi top speed?

The more scientific minds at FIFA have recorded Messi at a top speed of 32.5 kph (20.3 mph) during a game.

How fast is Lewandowski?

The fastest — Alphonso Davies Dortmund’s Achraf Hakimi was the second-fastest player at 36.49 km/h. Kingsley Coman (35.66) was the second-fastest Bayern pro, with Robert Lewandowski (34.79) third. Davies made 915 sprints, the most of all Bayern pros.

Is Mbappe faster than Usain Bolt?

faster than Bolt during 100m world record. KYLIAN MBAPPE recorded a speed of 38kph against Monaco – which amazingly is faster than Usian Bolt during his 100m world record.

Who’s faster Bale or Ronaldo?

“I reckon Bale is probably the fastest footballer in the world right now but I could help him with his career if he wants me to,” commented the Jamaican. Bale’s team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo is fifth on the list at 33.6km/h (20.9mph) while Barcelona man Lionel Messi sits seventh with 32.5km/h (20.2mph).

Who is faster Neymar or Ronaldo?

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar Jr. or simply Neymar, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team. His top speed is 31 km/hr. According to FIFA, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fastest speed is 31 km/hr.

How fast is Daniel?

16 Aug / autty The youngster, who came on as a substitute in the 74th minute, recorded the top speed of any United player, clocking a run measured at 33.51 km/h.

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