Does jumia accept us credit card ?

Wherever cards are an accepted payment method in Nigeria, it’s likely it’ll be Visa or Mastercard. American Express cards are accepted only in high-end restaurants and hotels. Discover cards aren’t accepted at all.

Furthermore, can I pay with US credit card? You may use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Make sure the card has enough money to cover the fee. We will reject your application, petition, or request if the card is declined, and we will not attempt to process your credit card payment a second time.

Quick Answer, can I use US debit card on jumia? In addition to the existing cash on delivery and mobile money payment options, Jumia now accepts payments by Visa and MasterCard. Leading e-commerce firm in Uganda, Jumia has announced that the addition of Visa and MasterCard payments options to their platform.

Correspondingly, what credit cards are accepted in Nigeria? The two major credit card networks are Visa and Mastercard, but due to widespread financial fraud, cash is still king in Nigeria. The country has only just started to offer American Express after years on the provider’s black list, so you may find it hard to use your Amex.

You asked, does jumia accept international cards? You can pay using JumiaPay delivery, cash or your local Mastercard, VISA or Verve card to pay on our POS machine at delivery. We only accept Nigerian Naira. We do not accept International cards on our POS machines.

Can you use US dollars in Nigeria?

What’s the currency in Nigeria? The naira is Nigeria’s national currency. You’ll find, however, that in airports, hotels, and tourist destinations, USD is commonly accepted. The exchange rates used will vary, though, so it’s worth checking you’re getting a fair deal before you decide to spend your dollars in Nigeria.

How do you have a US billing address?

  1. Take the digits from your postcode.
  2. Add zeros to the end if you have less than 5 digits in your postal code.
  3. Use the USPS zip code tool to verify that it is a valid existing ZIP code.
  4. If it is not an existing code, then add 1 to the last digit and try to verify again.

Can I add a US billing address to my credit card?

Adding Your US Address As The Billing Address You will have to contact your bank if you want to add the Planet Express address as your second billing address. Contact them with the request and explain to them that you want to order things in the foreign online store.

Can I have a US credit card with a foreign address?

Apply for new cards Even while living abroad, you can apply for new U.S. credit cards if you keep a U.S. mailing address and banking account. You may want to use a VPN to see specific offers and avoid questioning that may arise if you apply while on a foreign IP address.

Can you pay Jumia with Paypal?

Jumia Kenya is the fasted growing trading platform in Kenya and one of the biggest in the continent. You can make payments for your purchases on Jumia through paypal, Mpesa on cash on delivery.

How can I pay my Jumia with MasterCard?

  1. Select MasterCard. as your payment method.
  2. Confirm. your payment method.
  3. Wait while processing.
  4. Payment confirmation. your discount will be displayed and substracted from your “Total to pay”

How do I pay for Jumia products?

  1. Cash On Delivery (easy and simple at your doorstep)
  2. Credit/Debit Card.
  3. Mobile Money.

Can I use my USA debit card in Nigeria?

You can use virtually any debit cards in Nigeria to make purchases as long as it’s produced by the big 3 i.e Visa, MasterCard and Euromoney. You may carry little cash just for exigencies in case there is a little challenge with connectivity on the various terminals i.e POS /ATMs.

Can I use a foreign credit card in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s central bank has ordered commercial banks to stop customers from using their debit and credit cards abroad, a source has told the BBC. One bank has emailed customers to this effect, stressing it is a “temporary measure”.

What card does USA use?

Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are all widely accepted in the USA, though you should be aware that payment methods differ slightly from those in the UK.

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