Does jumia accept pinkoin for payment ?

Pinkoin is a cryptocurrency because it is based on the InksNation blockchain network with human being as a living node. However, it is different from known cryptocurrency because it combines the feature of both Stablecoins and floating coins without being listed on the crypto market.

As many you asked, is InksNation legit or not? inksnation a scam, really a scam? Inksnation is a ponzi scheme program .

Also, how does InksNation get their money? INKSNATION is a Nigerian Blockchain Poverty Eradication company that has sworn to pay every Registered member in Nigeria a minimum of *₦120,000* monthly, starting *from August 12th*. The company generates it’s income from cryptocurrency which realizes millions for the company as it’s members increases in number.

Additionally, what is the use of Pinkard? Pinkard. This is Africa’s First Blockchain QR Code enabled Debit Card, which works similarly to card services like MasterCard and VISA Card, with extra QR functionalities to improve transactional services in PinKoin for the unbanked.

Amazingly, is Pinkoin real? Pinkoin is the brainchild of Inksnation. It is the native coin of the InksLedger. It being a native coin simply means that it will be used to make whatever payment that is to be made on InksLedger.

How much does Inksnation pay monthly?

It will be bringing in ₦10,000 daily and ₦300,000 monthly. All payments will begin by the 12th of August, 2020, and there is no resubscription or further payment.

Who created Pinkcoin?

Danny Johnson is the CEO, Co-Founder at Pinkcoin .

What is InksNation in Nigeria?

According to InksNation, its reserve coin called PinKoin is capable of paying every single Nigerian, African and human on earth including babies born every day a minimum of N120,000 ($330) monthly for life universal child basic income (UCBI). There are different classification of investments that users can access.

How do I log into InksNation?

Login to your email and click on the inksnation password verification link. It will take you to another page where you can be able to change your inksnation password. Enter a new password and click on submit. You will receive a successful notification message.

How do I check my InksNation wallet?

  1. Login into your Inksnation’s Account or Wallet.
  2. Click the “KYC/AML” button close to the Living Node Reservce.
  3. Enter your KoboPay Payment Code.
  4. Upload Image of Receipt from KoboPay.
  5. Upload any Valid ID card.
  6. Select verification type when filling KoboPay.

How do I use Pinkoin online?

  1. Log into your portal.
  2. Paste the Exchanger’s Wallet Address at the appropriate space after you have clicked on exchange.
  3. Fill in other required details like your four-digit PIN.
  4. Type the amount of Pinkoins, cost of the goods/services.
  5. Then SEND.

How do I activate my Pinkard on Inksnation?

  1. In the WALLET ID space, input the number at the back of your Pinkard.
  2. Fill your Pinkard expiry information.
  3. Lastly, Input YOUR PIN (the 4 digit number you used during your registration).

What is the meaning of PinkCoin?

PinkCoin, is our first asset-backed cryptocurrency built on Ethereum’s standard currency Smart Contract. The coin is backed by a pool of certified, fancy colored diamonds (mostly pink) with a total value of $5,000,000 USD. Each diamond is certified and guaranteed natural fancy color.

Is Inksnation Real in Nigeria?

The Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria in June 2020 labelled InksNation’s purported crypto coin, Pinkoin, a scam. SIBAN warned that “members of the blockchain community and the general public should beware of the InksNation project.”

When did pink coins start?

(OTC Markets:PNIK) and its subsidiary , BitGem Asset Management Ltd. (BAM), announces that it will launch the forthcoming crowdsale of the first diamond backed cryptocurrency in the world, the PinkCoin, on January 18th, 2016, beginning at 9 am EST.

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