Best answer: Why does morocco thank portia

Explanation: On hearing Portia‘s speech ,the Prince of Morocco thanks her for her kindness and also requests her to lead him to the caskets to try his fortune.

Moreover, why does the speaker thank Portia? This question has been answered! The prince is quite pleased on hearing that and thanks Portia for her courtesy. He proceeds to tell her that he will undertake sundry risks to win her hand. He expresses the fear, though, that he cannot determine his fate and that someone less worthy than he might win her hand.

Best answer for this question, who is you referred to why does Morocco thank that person? Ans. ‘you’ is referred to Portia, a rich heiress of Belmont in the first line. She is a rich, beautiful and graceful woman. Even she is very courteous and polite to the unwelcome suitors like the Prince of Morocco.

Subsequently, what all does Morocco promise to do to win Portia? Answer: Morocco would be happy to perform these three things to win Portia : he would outstare the sternest eyes that look, he would pluck the young suckling from the she-bear, he would mock the lion when he roars for prey.

Frequent question, what did the Prince of Morocco request and promise Portia? The prince asks Portia not to judge him by his dark complexion, assuring her that he is as valorous as any European man. Portia reminds the prince that her own tastes do not matter, since the process of picking chests, stipulated in her father’s will, makes the prince as worthy as any other suitor.Answer: Morocco is a prince who has come to Belmont to win Portia’s hand in marriage. He introduced himself by the “Flourish of cornets”and tells Portia not to dislike him because of his complexion.

What does Portia say after Morocco leaves what aspect of her character is revealed by her words?

Answer: When he discovers that he will return to Morocco emptyhanded, he bemoans his choice, and Portia says after he leaves, … Portia’s use of the word “gentle” shows that she would not havedetested being married to the Prince (even though she is not in love with him) and that she is sympathetic toward him.

Do you agree with Portia’s statement that the Prince of Morocco?

Answer: Yes I agree with her statement prince of morroco was dark in colour but according to her father’s will he was fit for the trial of his chance to vow portia. According to her father will it was not the outward apperance but his luck which would decide her future husband …

Why does Morocco wish to be led to the casket?

Why does Morocco wish to be led to the caskets? Answer: Morocco wants to be led to the caskets to try his luck.

Why does Portia refer the prince as a renowned Prince?

Explanation: Portia gives Nerissa her opinion of potential suitors and reveals she has an astute eye for character. Here she draws critical comparisons between a prince, a count, and a lord. Her views of the different suitors highlight that wealth or status mean little to Portia.

How does Morocco end his speech?

Morroco ends his speech by saying that the oceans are like little stream for the men who come to see Portia. The wide ocean doesn’t prevent them from visiting to see Portia and try to own her as a wife.

How does Portia respond to Morocco’s parting words?

portia’s remark at the retreat of the prince of Morocco was a gentle riddance shows her happiness and relief at the failure of the prince she dislikes him at the first sight. His pride and arrogance is repulsive to her and emotion which was however not evident throughout the scene.

What does Portia tell the Prince of Morocco before he tries his luck?

(iv) What does Portia tell him ? Answer: Portia tells him that she is not free to choose one whom her eyes approve. If her choice had not been restricted, he would have stood as good a chance of being selected as any other of her suitors. (v) Which casket does Morocco choose ?

What is the first statement that Morocco makes to Portia?

Answer: The Prince of Morocco is the first suitor who arrives seeking to gain Portia’s hand in marriage. He is black, and his opening words ask her not to dislike him because of his skin color: Mislike me not for my complexion, The shadowed livery of the burnished sun……..

Which casket did Morocco choose and why?

The Prince of Morocco chooses the Gold casket with the message Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire’. He hopes that since Portia is a woman desirable to many men, it will lead him to win Portia’s hand.

What did Morocco find in the casket?

In the golden casket he finds “a carrion death”, that is, a skull, which reminds him of death. He has been too bold in his reasoning, and risked too much. Morocco judges from outside appearances.

What explanation does the Prince of Morocco give for his dark complexion?

Morocco says that he got his dark colour because of the fierce sun. He was born and brought up in a country where the sun is very close to the earth.

What does Portia tell the Prince of Morocco after he chooses the wrong casket?

after reading the inscription on the caskets Morocco ask Portia how he will know if he chooses the casket portia reply that her portrait will be in the right casket if he select that’s one then she will be his wife…..

Why did the Prince of Morocco think that Portia would dislike him?

Why does the prince of Morocco fear that Portia will dislike him? He is a braggart. He has a dark complexion. He recently proved a coward in battle.

Where are Portia and Morocco at this time?

(i) At this time, Portia and Morocco are seen in a room in Portia’s house in Belmont. As the curtain lifts, Portia and the Prince of Morocco arrive along with their train to the flourish of carnets. (ii) The Prince approaches the three gold, silver and lead caskets.

What does Morocco say to Portia?

The Prince of Morocco addresses Portia by saying, “Mislike me not for my complexion.” Prince of Morocco has come to attempt to win Portia’s hand by selecting, between three, the casket that holds the picture of Portia.

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