Best answer: Who does the voice of dr ?

David Lodge is the voice of Dr. Morocco in Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash.

Similarly, who voices Dr Morocco on Rescue Bots? Tim Curry, Greg Ellis are the voices of Dr. Morocco in Transformers: Rescue Bots.

Correspondingly, where is Dr Morocco from? Doctor Morocco is a human from the Rescue Bots portion of the Aligned continuity family. He’s just a sweet transmutate from transmetallized transformium.

Amazingly, is Tim Curry in Rescue Bots? Tvguide.com has updated their entry for Rescue Bots episode 12, “The Other Doctor“. Listed as a guest voice actor for this episode is legendary actor Tim Curry!

Considering this, who is the bad guy in Rescue Bots? Doctor Thaddeus Morocco is the main antagonist of Transformers: Rescue Bots series. He is a mad scientist who is more interested in wealth than in helping others, and has manipulated events from behind the scenes to make sure he comes out on top.Heatwave (voiced by Steve Blum) is a Rescue Bot that transforms into a fire engine and is partnered with Kade Burns.

Who is the ambulance transformer?

Ratchet appears in the Transformers Animated series as an Autobot ambulance and a seasoned warrior. Ratchet has retractable magnets in his arms which can attract or repel metal, as well as projecting a protective wall of magnetic force.

Is Inferno an Autobot or Decepticon?

Inferno is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family. Will probably start fires just to put them out. If there’s a blazing fire, Inferno is going to be one of the first bots on the scene, rushing in headlong without regard for his own safety to rescue anyone trapped inside.

Which transformer is the police car?

Transformers 5’s Barricade revealed as Ford Mustang cop car.

What is green transformers name?

Another new character that joins the cast is the Autobot, Crosshairs. He’s this green Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. John DiMaggio voices this surly good guy. Hound finally makes it into the movie universe.

Which Rescue Bots are girls?

  1. Whirl.
  2. Quickshadow.
  3. Madeline Pynch.
  4. CeCe Greene.

Who is the blue transformer?

Arcee (voiced by Sumalee Montano) – A courageous female Autobot who transforms into a blue motorcycle resembling a Kawasaki Ninja 250R. She is assigned to be Jack Darby’s Autobot guardian at the start of the series, developing a close bond with him.

What is the name of the Orange transformer?

Sunstorm is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers universes. Sunstorm is always a Decepticon allied jet who is yellow or orange in color.

What is the Green Rescue Bots name?

Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Boulder the Construction-Bot Figure,Green.

How old is Cody Burns Rescue Bots?

Profile. Cody Burns is an 8-year old boy and later on in season 4 he is 11 (in rescue bots academy he is older), and the most mature of the family next to his father. It was him who first discovered the truth about the Rescue Bots, and also the one who had to convince his siblings to work with the Rescue Bots.

Who was Alpha Trion?

Alpha Trion is an ancient Transformer that has supposedly existed since the genesis of Cybertron itself. In his younger days, he was merely known as A-3 and served as a slave labourer under the cruel reign of the Quintessons.

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