Best answer: How old is morocco maduka ?

Tributes have continued to pour in for the minstrel music maestro, Chukwuemeka Edward Maduka, popularly known as Emeka Morocco, who passed on recently at the age of 76. Though the cause of his death is yet to be made known.

In this regard, is chief Morocco Maduka dead? Popular highlife musician, Chief Emeka Morocco Maduka has died at the age of 73. His death was confirmed and announced by Ikeme Mazeli, the Chairman of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (Anambra Chapter) on Thursday.

Frequent question, where is Emeka Morocco Maduka from? Who be Emeka Morocco Maduka. Emeka Morocco Maduka dey popularly known as King of Ekpili music and dem born am for Ukwulu, Anambra state.

You asked, has Morocco Maduka been buried? Legendary Nigerian musician, Morocco Maduka has been buried. The 76-year-old popular Igbo musician was buried at Umugama village, Ukwulu, Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra state as friends and well wishers gathered to say their final goodbye.

Also the question is, how many children did Morocco Maduka have? Morocco was married to Bridget and they had eight children: four males and four females. He planned to retire at the age of 80 but death truncated it.

Who is Morocco Junior?

Fast-rising Anambra highlife musician, Frank Onyeka, popularly known as Morocco Jnr, dazzled fun-seekers and highlife music enthusiasts last night to emerge winner in the Awka Regional Knock Out stage of the 2019 Hi-Life Fest competition.

Who is king of highlife in Nigeria?

  1. Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe. Born in March, 1936, in Atani, a city in Anambra state, he came from a line of singers and dancers.

When did Morocco NWA maduka died?

Nigerian highlife artist Chief Dr Prince Morocco Maduka died on 29 October. He was 73.

Who brought highlife in Ghana?

When British immigration laws changed in the 1970s, the bulk of Ghanaian emigration redirected towards Germany. Ghanaian immigrants brought highlife music with them, leading to a new form of the genre that included both African and German styles.

Who is the best highlife singer in Nigeria?

  1. Fela without clothes during one of his performances.
  2. Fela Kuti. praisemama.com.
  3. King Sunny Ade.
  4. Chief Osita Osadebe.
  5. Dan Maraya.
  6. A Trademark Kuntigi used by Dan Maraya.
  7. Sir Victor Uwaifo.
  8. Fatai Rolling Dollar.

Where was Oliver de Coque buried?

Investigations revealed that the authentic burial date of the late musician was announced by the Burial Committee led by Chief Odumegwu Oputa Obie, during its visit to the palace of Eze Nd’igbo of Lagos State, Eze H.N.

Who Is Solar de Coque?

Akanite Oliver Sunday Jnr, popularly known as Solar De Coque, is set to quench the thirst of his late father’s fans with his extraordinary music talents. Solar De Coque’s love for music started in his early age when he followed his father to recording studios and shows.

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